Friday, July 06, 2012

Percent black, inequality, and national homicide rates

Using CIA data on race (admittedly crude), I calculated the Pearson correlation between percent black and national homicide rates. For 180 countries, it is .50--a strong association. More blacks means more homicide. Percent black is as predictive as mean IQ or the GINI measure of income inequality. While we're at it, the black-inequality correlation is .45. Bigger gaps between the wealthy and the poor go hand in hand with more blacks. 


  1. This would have been news to me - about half a century ago.

    Around 1965 I learned at college that blacks had lower IQs. I had heard for all my life that black people weren't smart - but that was just causual talk. I visited a sociology class to hear this professor that was popular with the students. He mentioned in passing that blacks had IQ scores around 85 and talked about how we could fix that. That was the first time I'd ever heard that there were studies that had found blacks had lower IQs.

    Subsequently we went though a couple decades of denials based on all sorts of theories including cultural and tester bias.

    I had already known that blacks comitted more crime but I think I first heard about comparative murder rates in the mid seventies.

    So here we are living in the information rich future with a half dozen twenty four hour TV news channels. No one can take a poop in the Borneo jungle without immediate news coverage (and comment). Yet the established connections between blacks, IQ and crime are never mentioned. Never even hinted at. In fact everyone bends over backwards to deny any such connection.

    This isn't about knowledge. It's about the supression of knowledge.

    I don't expect that this will soon change. You might think that some network would report on the crime in all black central Detroit. But they so far have avoidd noticing the crime in black run South Africa.


  2. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Holy shit, Pat. You are that old? In your late sixties?

  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    In my youth I used to believe that all groups were equally capable.

    I have been disabused of that notion since moving to the US.


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