Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hispanics are natural social... liberals

Some Republicans claim that immigration from the south is a good thing since Hispanics are natural social conservatives. Just the other day Rick Santorum was arguing on Fox that emphasizing social conservatism is an essential way to attract Latino voters.

Such a view is just plain idiotic. I regularly check attitude surveys and cannot remember the last time I saw Hispanics with more socially conservative views than whites. Here is the latest from Pew:

The share of Hispanics who think homosexuality should be accepted is six points higher than the white number. Latinos line-up closely with self-described Democrats. They are almost 30 points away from conservative Republicans.

You might have expected their Catholicism to shift them right. But look at the Catholic estimate: 64 percent feel that homosexuality should be accepted. There is a huge gap between Catholic doctrine and social reality.

Liberals are not smart, but they are geniuses compared to Republican leaders. They know that, chances are, each new Hispanic citizen is a new Democrat. And that ain't gonna change.   


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Could be just a function of age, given that Hispanics are younger than whites on average.

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Yes, this data is somewhat surprising; Latin American countries (with the exception of the 'Southern Cone': Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) are not gay-friendly places.

  3. Dahlia12:15 PM

    Could this also partly be because they are mostly in California and, like the Asians there, have very liberal white neighbors?

  4. Sgt. Joe Friday4:42 PM

    Hispanics are also liberal when it comes to abortion and illegitimacy. The decision to have an abortion is viewed by most Hispanics (in my own experience anyway) as being none of anyone else's business, but at the same time there is little to no stigma attached to out-of-wedlock pregnancy either, even at the age of 14 or 15. Of course, as you move up the economic ladder, illegitimacy is frowned upon, but it's not MDs and bankers and engineers swimming across the Rio Grande and creating a problem with immigration now, is it?

    Republicans don't get any of this. So-called family values issues don't strike a chord with Mexican immigrants and their offspring. Abstract arguments about the proper role and size of government are of no interest to Hispanic immigrants (except possibly, to Cubans), and the big one that Republicans really don't get is that POOR PEOPLE - ESPECIALLY POOR BROWN OR BLACK PEOPLE - DON'T VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS. This is so simple: if you want to win elections, you don't do it by inflating the size of your opponent's pool of voters.

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    We're losing money on every unit, but we'll make it up on volume.

  6. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I'm often surprised at the polls showing that Hispanics are more accepting of homosexuality than others, something I wouldn't have thought possible even 10 years ago.

    Then again, I've witnessed just how quickly Hispanics have gone from feeling it was shameful to bear children out of wedlock to just how many do so today. A look at any local newspaper in Hispanic-heavy Central Valley towns in CA show the extremely high percentage of births to single mothers. Most are the children of illegals. It didn't take long for them to see the gravy train that CA offered.

    Hispanics are still culturally Catholic, but they don't practice their Catholicism as they once so assiduously did. Of course, lots of Catholics in the US no longer pratice their Catholicism, no longer attend Church, which explains why the Church has so feverishly gone to other continents like Africa for new recruits.

    I have no proof of this at all Ron, just obsevations, but in all my time teaching high schoolers in CA, I'd say the Hispanic population appeared to have among it more effeminate teens than any other group.

    I've asked myself if that could simply be because Hispanic boys stood out more in the school population than did whites and so I may have recognized them more, but I don't believe that's so.

    If Cochran is correct and the trigger is really a pathogen, perhaps some genetic populations have a greater susceptibility, less immunity, to that pathogen or to a particular side effect of that pathogen.

    I was thinking that maybe Hispanics have a greater tolerance for homosexuality because perhaps it exists to a greater degree in their populations. Then again, Hispanics have larger families than other groups (well, maybe not larger than blacks) and the larger the nuclear and extended population of the family, the more likely there will be homosexual sons; thus, that may explain the tolerance.

    Just speculating.


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