Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gallup: Little evidence of an American desire to soak the rich

Here's a new Gallup poll on attitudes toward extending tax cuts to all Americans (and unemployment benefits). Where's the evidence that ordinary Americans are itching to stick it to the rich?  Sixty-six percent of all Americans wants the tax cuts extended for all Americans; a majority (52 percent) of Democrats favor the extension.

The country is split (44% vs. 40%) when respondents are given explicitly the choice to raise taxes on the wealthy. Obama is wrong to claim that the people are on the Dems' side on this issue. Based on my analysis of GSS data, many of those who favor it are black and Hispanic.  


  1. That's a strong 57% majority for allowing the tax cuts for the wealthy to expire, actually.

  2. The 13% who want taxes to go up for everyone are not anti-rich; they're anti-deficit.


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