Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elites are ruining the country

Just when I begin to develop some hope that America might be able to survive the ethnic diversification of the country, some Lefty moron throws cold water. This Asian UCLA professor tells the crowd of DREAM Act activists that they will someday replace the old white men in Congress. So did the crowd, in defense of a color blind America, boo him? On the contrary: the quiescent audience burst into cheers as the words "old white men" were uttered.

My approach on this blog is limited because surveys capture the attitudes of the average person. But history is driven by elites, and all too many of them want whites to take their rightful place at the bottom of American society. All this talk of equality and justice for all is just a smokescreen. It's about power and domination for these people, pure and simple.

Many ordinary people might have benign intentions, but they are easily manipulated by demogogues. Race-baiting and racial politics as methods to advance politically are such powerful temptations, I'm afraid the country is going to become increasingly dysfunctional. 


  1. The full quote:
    "You will go on to become lawyers, teachers, doctors and members of the US Congress to replace those old white men".

    This Chinese professor is also deceiving his own audience. They will continue to be dominated, by the likes of him.

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I'd love to see a systemic destruction of all but the hard sciences and math departments in all the colleges of the land.

    It takes at least 10-20 years for students who've been indoctrinated this way to become sane again, and the problem is that some never do.

    What a horrible thing, wishing for the destruction of all liberal arts/social science depts. in the land, but it speaks to the chaos about: "The center cannot hold."

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    It's not about the message--it's about the messenger. Find a guy who sounds half-way hip to deliver them a contrasting message, and they'd cheer for him too.

  4. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I would expect to be ruled by non-whites in a non-white country.

    White liberals are deluding themselves if they think otherwise. The current Senatorial delegation of California (Boxer and Fienstein) will be unelectable as the state gets browner. Whats a shame, liberal whites wont realize what they have done until its too late to stop it. I think somewhere in their minds they believe they will still be allowed to run the show out of gratitude or something. I think they will be severely dissapointed. There will be more "Alvin Greens" in the future if current demographic trends continue.

    Senatoral seats in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida will probably be hispanic by 2030.

    You'd think seeing Hillary lose to Obama would have been a wake-up call for the white liberal establishment. Its as if they believe that ownership of the media is going to somehow always allow them to keep control of the nation, but non-whites will be wont to buy out media as they have the numbers and strength to do so. The only people racial guilt trips are going to work on are whites. I dont think anyone else will fall for it.

  5. Anonymous11:46 AM

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  6. Sgt. Joe Friday12:17 PM

    "I would expect to be ruled by non-whites in a non-white country."

    In actual practice, the most likely way this plays out - especially with the GOP stubbornly remaining the "stupid party" is that candidates of either party for high office will be considered "unelectable" if they do not speak fluent Spanish. So we will find ourselves being governed by the descendants of Mestizo peasants, with all that implies: race preferences, official bilingualism, serial amnesties (if not outright open borders), and probably at some point "reparations" of some kind for who-knows-what perceived crime.

    Projected 2020 presidential race:

    Loretta Sanchez (PRI) vs. George P. Bush (PAN).

  7. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Lefty professors don't actually have much power, and few people other than lefty students attending university care about what they say. The "elites" aren't wienie professors, but investment bankers, corporate executives, etc.

  8. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Stuff like this is old hat. Without minimizing the extent of multiculti indoctrination out there, the consensus seems to be cracking. Intellectually serious, data driven opposition found at site like yours and of course Sailer's blog are bringing reality into a previously mendacious dialogue. Educated people, are taking notice and I think that the ground is shifting underneath the establishment's feet. Keep up the good work.

  9. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Lefty professors don't actually have much power, and few people other than lefty students attending university care about what they say. The "elites" aren't wienie professors, but investment bankers, corporate executives, etc.

    Investment bankers and corporate executives aren't in the business of thought control.

  10. Anonymous7:38 AM

    He's not a professor.

  11. It's already in the history and what has been marked cannot be vanished easily. Racism occurs everywhere and human rights is not yet achieved. Maybe it's already a human nature.

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