Sunday, May 02, 2010

Who wants to move here?

This table from Gallup is based on a sample of people around the world who say they would like to move to another country permanently.  The percentages indicate how many would choose the United States (and Canada as well).

America is most popular among people from Asia, and least popular among those from the Middle East and North Africa. Isn't it great when feelings are mutual?

I'm pleased to see that so many people are not choosing the United States. We need to do what we can to convince the world that this place is a hellhole so they'll move someplace else.


  1. One H1b kid the HP subcons made me hire told me the reason he moved to the US was to fuck American women.

    Maybe the thing to do is stop motion picture authorities from casting beautiful American (or Canadian for that matter) women.

  2. It's all good and well that they WANT to move here but since Arizona passed that racist law many of them will be afraid to! Think of all the excellent Cambodian street food we're missing out on! and potential NBA picks! And Japanese CFOs!

    At first I was heartened to see how many potential economy boosters might brave our fascist border control people to make our country even more vibrant but then I remembered the racist Arizona law and became depressed.

    Viva la Mejico!

  3. mnuez writes: Think of all the excellent Cambodian street food we're missing out on! and potential NBA picks! And Japanese CFOs!

  4. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Being thick here, but I assume this is "of the total number of people in the world who wish to emmigrate, this is the percentage from region x that wish to move to country y"? This is what the fact that each column sums to 100 tells me.

    So the absolute numbers of Middle Easterners who wish to go to the US is probably far greater than that of Canada (I'm assuming, maybe not), but of immigrants who wish to go to Canada, Middle Easterners are overrepresented relative to the US (to pick an example).

  5. Eh, Europeans don't seem to like the idea of moving here, and they hate us less than the Middle Easterners. Of course, staying put is a better option for them. Some Americans would prefer France or Germany.


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