Thursday, March 06, 2008

Who do Hispanic men want to date most? Racial dating preferences is a popular topic on this blog, and I thought of a way to study it more systematically. I pretended I was a woman looking for a date on Yahoo Personals, and did a search of Hispanic males ages 20 to 32 in the LA area. I had enough time to look at 100 profiles. The men were asked to list the races of their ideal women. The choices are listed below. They could also answer "no preference." Here are the percent interested in each group:

Percent of Hispanic men interested in a given race/ethnicity

Hispanic 99
White 85
Asian 70
Pacific Islander 65
Interracial 61
Middle Eastern 60
Native American 60
Other 58
Black 55
East Indian 52

So, Hispanic men are clearly interested in their own women first. From all the blonde women I've seen in soaps, drawings, and tattoos, I suspected they might prefer whites. Caucasian women are second on the list, with Asians a distant third. On the bottom of the list, Blacks are probably there because of racial differences, while East Indians are perhaps seen as culturally as well as racially different. Why aren't they more interested in Native Americans? Is it their traditionally low social status, or is it something else? My sense of objective beauty would put East Indians higher (although there is great variety) and Pacific Islanders lower.

I'll do Asian men next.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I a bit suprised they arent more interested in Asians, given many south asiatics have similar skin tone and vaguely similar (except eyes) facial features.

    The interest in "white" women could be -amped- up a bit by the fact whites are still seen as the 'leading' social group and its perhaps seen something as a social victory (as black males have exhibited) in dating one and perhaps a bit of 'sticking it to the man' etc.

  2. c.o. jones11:25 AM

    I'd be interested to see what the figures are for Hispanic women.

    In most cultures, it's OK for men to "marry down," but not for the women. A white boyfriend or husband is considered a sign of upward mobility by many Hispanic women, I've been told. Sort of a "trophy" husband thing, I guess.

  3. c.o. jones: I plan to look at women too.

  4. A white boyfriend or husband is considered a sign of upward mobility by many Hispanic women, I've been told. Sort of a "trophy" husband thing, I guess.

    You don't see many white male/Hispanic female couples. At least not compared to HM/WF ones.

  5. Peter, Steve Sailer says otherwise, and it appears he actually has data to back it up:

    "The gender gap in marriages between non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics of any race was small: 54 percent consisted of a non-Hispanic white husband and a Hispanic wife. That balance is probably good news for American society since it's less likely to lead to ethnic resentment than the big black and Asian disparities."


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