Friday, March 14, 2008

Vacation: I'll be on vacation until late next week. I won't waste my Spring Break like misguided college kids who think life is measured by the number of times you vomit. On my list is to visit a Catholic cathedral which looks spectacular on the Internet. One of America's hidden treasures is its old Catholic churches. Chances are, the most beautiful structure in your own town is one of these (the old ones, at least) but most folks are completely oblivious to this.


  1. Anonymous2:29 AM

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  2. Oh, I noticed. Ever been to St. Patrick's in NYC?

  3. My parish church growing up was beautiful with a grand central altar. It burned down a couple of years ago and was rebuilt, sans altar.

    The place looks like a resort hotel ballroom with pews.

    I make Lenin look like an Opus Dei member with my attitude towards papist clerics.

  4. Don't visit LA looking for a beautiful Catholic cathedral downtown -- the new one looks like a secret police academy. (Actually, the inside is nice, but the outside is intentionally abrasive.)


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