Thursday, October 11, 2007

The most amazing thing I have heard in some time: Today, the Dean--a man who has spent much of his career trying to fill the school's faculty vacancies with women and minorities--in a room of six women, two Hispanics, one black, and one white man, said that only a sick racist would believe that white men are the group most discriminated against. (He was referring to comments in class by students that we faculty need to put a stop to.)


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    What comments in class would he be referring to?

  2. dearieme10:58 AM

    Shoiuldn't he resign so that a woman can fill his shoes?

  3. Anon: The comment that white men are the group most discriminated against.

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    "Shouldn't he resign so that a woman can fill his shoes?"

    I'll do you one better: A black, disabled, uh, I mean differently- abled, lesbian, Wiccan woman should take his spot. Extra points if she one of these transgendered people I keep hearing about.

    Keep you head down Professor. You are in enemy territory!

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    The reigning liberal orthodoxy (i.e. political correctness) with its "narratives" is a kind of voluntary speech and thought control.

    Minority and female professors can be hired with lousy research credidentials, pitiful scholarship, mediocre intelligence, and get away with some real 'zinger' gaffes. A white male has to walk a tightrope and be really good to hang on.
    Many see this.

    However, some people only will see what they want to see. Minorites and females resent white males because they really know deep down who built civilization and who is truly winning all those scientific nobel lauretes. They also remember the humiliation that calculus brought them when they flunked it even though they tried while some white guys got A's in it and rarely had to study. Believe me, they hate you for that. They resent you for doing well in physics too. These lounge lizards never forget this.

    Its probably why they try and come up with all sorts of systematic nomenclature for bullshit humanities courses so they can sound "scientific" when they know deep down that they dont have what it takes to even approach real HARD science.

    Ben Franklin said it best: If you want someone to like you, get them to do you a favor.

    If you do someone else a favor (i.e. provide modern life and its scientific convieniences), they will resent your superior ablility and your position to have been able to have provided for them.

    Kind of like Fredo Corleone to Michael Corleone in the movie the Godfather.

    What I resent is not that we have so many of these people on our backs, but that our political establishment is determined to bring in more of them to place on our backs.

    Have you not ever REALLY wanted to blow up at some of those black activists and remind them that if it WERE NOT for colonialism and slavery, they probably would be living a tribal life in a stone age culture "over there" even today? Have you ever wanted to tell a feminist that no matriarichal society ever got out of the stone age? Have you even wanted to really use anthropological evidence to make an hispanic activist see just how backward the Incas and Mayans were with child sacrafices, worship of wierd-ass dieties, profound poverty for the masses, sick entertainment (soccer with human heads for balls), etc. ?

    Ron, someday online universities might REALLY be ascendant due to some of the excesses of todays academics humiliating their students with PC-bullshit. People remember that ranting history professor, the lunatic philosophy professor, that marxist sociology professor (who couldn't change a goddamn spark plug by the way), and the diversity-race-mongers who shouted at them for not voting how they would have them do.

    The one ironic thing we have to look forward to as America submits to a global corporate culture is how little Arab, Asian, Mediterranean, Indonesian, and South American students are going to give a shit about any of this. They have their own genocides (like the Armenian one Senor Bush doesn't want to recognize) to crow about. I dont think tales of the Scottsboro boys or Miranda and his goddamn rights are going to mean much to these youngsters ten or fifteen more years down the line.

    One of the funnier things you see on Campuses is blacks especially, writhing and slashing about trying in every way possible to endlessly remind everyone what victims they are----even today when they have every kind of set-aside imaginable. Insisting on being "victims" as if its an accomplishment to be a victim. What it is is a fucking excuse for shitty performance.

    Sometimes I think if there was a sister planet to earth that was the same size and the same distance from the sun, all the bad old evil white people would probably get up and go and be willing to start completely over there, building a new civiilizaion from absolute scratch on it, only to be confronted by messages from back home in a few decades (when things really started to fall apart here) about how racist they were to leave, and how it was the old earths "minority" inhabitants "right" to come to the new one. They behave like little spoiled children.

  6. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Another hate crime:

  7. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Maybe he could hire this idiot negress:,2933,301141,00.html

    Racism at Columbia! There must be klansmen and skinheads running around burning crosses and hanging nooses on doors. Who knows how many victims there have been!

    And Anon at 3:09, truer words were never spoken.

    This comment will probably be deleted for this, but the sooner we deport these people back to Africa, the better. This "scholar" is what the black race has to offer as one of their best and most educated? Just a useless people.

  8. Anon: The world benefits from American blacks being in America: has Black Africa ever produced a Robert Johnson or a Louis Armstrong?

  9. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Gee Ron,

    I think I'd trade the blues music and football players for what our civilization could have been like (and how womderfully relatively crime-free it might have been) if America had not had slavery.

    I mean hell, its politically incorrect as all get out, and something you cant reply to on your own blog, but just imagine what this nation would have REALLY have been like without sprawl, big-wealthy safe cities, nascent political correctness at best, no Clinton, probably no Carter. We'd have a massive Iceland/Switzerland-like relatively prosperous nation and the leftist would never have the votes to enact half the garbage that they have in the last forty years. Racial "guilt" has been used to enact so many ridiculous things that the negatives far outweigh the positives in my opinion. I suppose we would have been like Canada, but hopefully without all the government intrusion---but maybe not.

    Maybe the "boredom" would have caused our youth to be like those uber-hipster, uber-rebellious youth in some European countries who get fascinated with Marxism. Seeing societal decay and family breakdown close up (in the black sections of town and housing projects here), can show whites what negation of family and western notions of falilail behavior can do in just a few generations. So the photographic negative of Western Civilization available to be seen downtown in a public housing project can readily show young bored white kids just how right Grandma was when telling them how the world works.

    You may be right after all.

    Ida still liked to have tried this thing without slaver with a nation founded on checks and balances, religious moral foundations, and Jeffersonian brakeworks on plutacracy that we started out with.

  10. We'd have a massive Iceland/Switzerland-like relatively prosperous nation and the leftist would never have the votes to enact half the garbage that they have in the last forty years.

    You're half right. We'd be prosperous, but we'd have a big welfare state. It wouldn't be abused as much, though.

  11. Funny tale. I had a similar one once, back in the crazy-feminist days. A woman at work went all Susan Brownmiller on me, got all steamed up lecturing me about how men hold all women in subservient positions via the possibility of rape. Funny thing was, she was (drumroll) my boss. Yeah, I was really oppressing her.

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