Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Does getting arrested help or hurt your chances of getting laid? Is it really true that that girls are attracted to bad boys? The General Social Survey asked 168 men ages 18 to 30 if they were arrested in the past year, and they were also asked how many sex partners they had during the same time period. Here are the mean number of partners:

Mean number of sexual partners in the past year

Arrestees 3.04
Non-arrestees 1.67

No competition. The brutes flout the law and deflower the girls, and evidently the girls like it.


  1. is there a relationship between arrest and testosterone levels in men?

    my bet would be yes

  2. old pete11:58 AM

    Criminality and promiscuity vary by racial group. The positive correlation between the two could in part be due to this. One would need to control for race to get a better idea if the bad-boy-gets-the-girl effect is operative here.

  3. You'd also have to control for marital status. Most married men have just one sex partner per year - their wives. And while I don't have any statistics handy I'll say its a very safe assumption that married men have a significantly lower arrest rate than single men.

  4. dearieme1:36 PM

    It's also possible that criminals lie more.

  5. Anonymous2:08 PM

    You could just lie about being arrested in order to increase your chances of scoring.

  6. This finding is not new, and you are misinterpreting it. Antisocial men (on average) seek out more sex partners than prosocial men. It is not a matter of women disproportionately rejecting prosocial men for antisocial men.

    Much like there is a g factor of intelligence, there is a d factor of deviancy underlying a positive correlation between all criminal behavior. A cad mating strategy is part of this matrix. So all types of criminals average more sex partners (including, contrary to popular belief, rapists).

  7. Anonymous7:28 PM


    The guys at the trailer parks and housing projects sleep with more of the gals at the trailer parks and the housing projects than the ladies and gentlemen of the housing subdivisions.

    This should not be a suprise to anyone.

    I dont know why a faithful man and wife cannot be considered "super stud" and "mega babe" by society because they aren't sharing it all over the place. Many married or otherwise committed guys and gals are having great passionate lovemaking with that one special person, and dont feel the need to risk disease with ridiculous numbers.

    There are some awfully beautiful people out there who are indulging in monagamy tonight.

  8. Kurt99:31 AM

    I believe that promiscuity is inversely proportional to social-economic status and g.

    Therefore, it should be no supprise that criminal men will have more sexual partners than non-criminal men. Its the social melieu that they live in.

  9. How about a question about how many children they have fathered?

    In "... Alms", analyzing parish records, a researcher said that the good, hardworking successful citizen in England had more children than the lesser folks in those categories, leading to an intelligent population.

    But perhaps welfare reduces this selection. If so, then we may have dysgenic selection with respect to qualities that are good for the peace of society.

  10. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Robert Hume,

    You are exactly right. We paid for the sixties and seventies and early eighties high black birthrates that increased their proportion of the youth population in the middle-late eighties and nineties.

    Weve got to stop paying poor hoochie-mamma women to have babies. Only women who find decent men and get married need to be having kids. We can breed out the lower-IQ's, the violence-prone, the mal-adjusted, and those who refuse to accept any authority over their behavior slowly but surely over three of four generations if we just stop financing trashy, stupid people from having kids.

    Pat Buchanan was laughed at when he mentioned orphanages all those years ago, but he was right. Without section eight housing, AFDC, wicca, food stamps, and all the other goodies 'hood hoochie-mammas get, they wouldn't want to fool around with having more than about one kid, because most of them think primarily of themselves.

    Which would be a good thing.

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