Sunday, May 20, 2007

Only stupid people believe Latinos will vote Republican if they get treated nice: Ok, I confess that I sometimes watch Fox. I saw Geraldo sanguinely tell O'Relly that Latinos will vote for you if you "just treat them nice." I'm highly skeptical to say the least.

Nobody treats Hispanics better than Mormons who believe that they are sort of a chosen people of God. (They believe that Jesus visited Amerindian tribes after his resurrection). Roughly half of the Church is Latino, and many who live in Utah are Mormons. So this big huge love fest should mean that most Hispanics in Utah vote Republican, right? Wrong. According to research reported in a Deseret News article:

"In Utah, Hispanics are more likely to vote Democratic than the general population, the majority of which votes Republican. In the BYU exit poll, 49 percent of Hispanics identified themselves as Democrats and 39 percent as Republican. Some 55 percent voted for Democrat Pete Ashdown, who lost his bid to replace Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch."

So in an state where most people vote Republican, and where Latinos are loved and respected by Republicans, Hispanics are the basically the same as they are any place else: they're Democrats. Nice try Mustache-From-Hell, but us ord'nary Americans ain't as dumb as ya' think.


  1. Noone loves Hispanics more than W and he only won an extimated 35% of the Hispanic vote in both elections.

  2. While I certainly don't challenge the idea that Hispanics will never vote Republican, your idea that Mormons treat Hispanics well may be unfounded.

    My wife is 1/4 Mexican and grew up in Utah. Even though she looks mostly white, she still often felt second class.

    Maybe she was an exception, but according to her Utah isn't the most welcoming place for Mexicans.

  3. Roy: There are two things going on in Utah. White Mormons there are naturally conservative people, and people like that have nativist tendencies. But at the same time they are constantly bombarded with the messages from the Church that Hispanics are special, and they believe it. Ordinary people may sometimes be unkind, but the political leaders are particularly pro-Hispanic, and some of this comes from religious belief.


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