Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nervy Burglars II: This e-mail from some Hispanic guy to VDARE.COM has been posted on its website:

"Why don't you publish this article, (Race Forms Ugly Underbelly Of Immigration Debate, by Amber Arellano, Detroit News, April 30, 2007) on VDARE.COM? Hmmm... probably not a welcome point of view. Surprise, surprise.

In the end, Arellano is right. You clowns don't like the fact that we're brown and that we come from Latin America. I am 100% sure that if we were German, Irish or some other "white" European nationality there would be an instant end to the immigration debate.

There are many, many young Hispanic families in this country... lots of kids, lots of enthusiastic hard work and savvy... we are not going anywhere and you can't stop it. Is that what's really bothering you and all your frightened VDARE.COM buddies?

Do yourself a favor…learn some Spanish. I have pretty much mastered the use of the English language. Now it's your turn.

If this guy is trying to persuade me of something, he is succeeding: he is confirming my concern that the rapid increase of Hispanics in this country is a movement of power against me and my family. The only reason that I am not "hablando Espanol" today is that this guy does not have quite enough buddies and organization to impose his desires on me. I wouldn't like it any better if some blue-eyed Russian immigrant told me it's time I starting eat borscht. Don't tell me what to eat in my own gotdamn house. To the extent that I have an influence in the house called America, we're going to eat what I like.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I am 100% sure that if we were German, Irish or some other "white" European nationality there would be an instant end to the immigration debate.

    True to some extent. Such immigrants would assimilate much more rapidly economically and academically and thus culturally.

    Such numbers predominately coming from one neighboring country would be an assimilation problem regardless of race, but the fact that the immigrants look different and have distant genetic/cultural abilities and behaviors, makes assimilation probably impossible as it is with the permanent black underclass.

    Therefore the culture, gene pool, and nation is being transformed in an economically/culturally/politically inferior and undesirable Latin American direction.

    This should have been stopped decades ago.

  2. As Victor Davis Hansen put it not long ago: "too many, too fast, from one place."

    And that's only the start of the problem. George Bush's moronic comments about "family values" and his idiotic insistence that "Mexico is our friend" notwithstanding, this is trouble with a capital "T". We are importing a population and a culture that is too little interested in education, has anti-Semitic leanings, and thinks that it's OK for 30 year men to "date" 14 year old girls. Oh, and they consider themselves better than us for some odd reason.

    Why are we allowing this to happen? I'm confused.


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