Thursday, October 19, 2006

Europeans are gender stupid: The World Values Survey asked people if they agreed that fathers are as well suited to caring for children as mothers. The sample is basically Europe. Three-quarters of the sample agreed or strongly agreed. The reigning idiots are Swedes: 92% believe daddies and mommies are naturally interchangeable caregivers. Common sense emerges as we descend southward: only 64% of Greeks think this way. People seem equally thick east to west, although more Russians (82%) see things this way than British (71%).

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Anonymous said...

As far as the east-west axis goes, I'm not so sure. From Poland on east it seems that feminism has failed to displace chivalry.

I wonder if the poll responders in easter European countries aren't telling the pollster what they suppose he wants to hear -- a habit deeply ingrained under communism.