Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blacks are most likely to say they have no ethnicity except "American": The General Social Survey indicates that almost all Americans say they belong to some ethnic group or groups. Only 2.5% say they are American and nothing more. This shows that ethnicity has not completely vanished from the American scene, but the interesting part is that of all the various factors I looked at, being black was by far the best predictor of saying that you do not identify with some group outside of the United States. Looking at the numbers below, 12.8% of them say this. Sixty-one percent of the people who say their identity is "American only" are black, even though blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population. Thirty-seven percent are white and only 2 percent of them are from the "other" racial category. So it seems that there is a small but significant share of blacks who feel no connection to Africa whatsoever.

Blacks 12.8%
Whites 1.2
Others 1.6

Female 3.3%
Male 2.0

Less than high school 5.0%
Graduate 0.8

Occupational prestige
Low 4.2%
High 1.4

Low 3.2%
High 1.3

Protestant 3.7%
Catholic 1.2
Jewish 0.7
None 1.9

Yes 2.7%
No 0.5


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