Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All you men out there, I've got news that will restore your self-esteem! Bonehead researchers studying penis length traditionally allowed participants to measure themselves. That's like allowing a student to grade himself. So the average finding was generally over 6 inches, and millions of men who feared they were inferior from watching porn felt it must be true if research said so. Well, one group of researchers had some sense and did the measuring themselves. The average from groin to tip was 5.1 inches. So gentlemen, cheer up! You're not as bad as you thought! Now, I know of you HBD guys have race on your minds, but I'll have to get back to you on the composition of the sample. (Wessells, H. et al. 1996. Journal of Urology 156:995)


  1. I have heard this as well. But what I read was that the medical staff, in fact, measured from the TOP of the shaft not the bottom where it meets the testicles. Measuring that way would definately subtract a good half inch to an inch. But its all relative so I wouldn't think it mattered.

    So were they really measuring from the groin and not the base of the shaft at the top of the penis?

    Could you verify that for sure?

    (boy I feel weird posing this :) )

  2. As you can clearly see in my blogger profile, my err, unit is 555 ft 5 1/8 in long.

  3. Anonymous5:42 AM

    As Rushton points out:

    "The World Health Organization Guidelines specify a 49-mm-width condom for Asia, a 52-mm-width for North America and Europe, and a 53 mm-width for Africa. China is now making its own condoms -- 49 mm. Race differences in testicle size have also been measured (Asians = 9 grams, Europeans = 21 g). This is not just because Europeans have a slightly larger body size."

    http://www.charlesdarwinresearch.org/Race_Evolution_Behavior.pdf , page 19

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    A suggestion for a new posting:

    Sailer has suggested that Democrat and Republican voters are similar in total number of years of schooling. Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats have the highest number of years. This suggests that political extremism correlates with intelligences. As a test of that hypothesis, do third party voters also have extremely high levels of education?

  5. Tyler: They measured from bush to tip, or along the top. In addition to simple exaggeration, I'm sure one reason why guys writing on bathroom walls say "8 inches" is that they are measuring from testicles to tip. Classy topic, don't ya think?

  6. Anonymous7:06 PM

    All this time I thought I was above average. Now I know Im way above average!

  7. Does lower intelligence equate to more obsessing about phallus size?

  8. Anonymous7:49 PM

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