Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Are Whites happier if they value their ethnic identity?

Are Whites happier if they value their ethnic identity? General Social Survey participants were asked, "How important is your ethnic group membership to your sense of who you are?" About 39% of Whites who answered "very important" are very happy compared to around 30% of the other three levels of ethnic importance. 

These numbers are consistent with the theory that individuals are happier if they feel a strong connection to their race or ethnicity. The connection gives them a sense of meaning and value that goes beyond the isolated individual. 

What is interesting is that this theory is typically applied to non-Whites, and most advocates of this
perspective do not want Whites to identify strongly with their race. What is even more interesting is
that racial pride does not even appear to work for Blacks. Look at the numbers below. Blacks who 
place the least value on racial identification are the happiest. (A larger sample would be nice.)

And other races? The sample is too small, but it looks like the racially proud might be happier.
The stereotype of the proud White is that he is mentally disturbed and thus likely to be unhappy.
GSS data suggest the opposite.


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