Tuesday, June 16, 2020

New admixture study finds more East Asian ancestry associated with low risk of diabetes among Pacific Islanders

This new study is based on a sample of people (n = 1,853) from Guam and Saipan.  Using ~49k SNPs the authors found genetic ancestry derived from 5 populations: Marianas Islanders, East Asians, Micronesians, Europeans, and Melanesians.

They tested the association of ancestry estimates with diabetes, fasting glucose and fasting insulin levels in study participants (n=1,853). They controlled for age, sex and end-stage kidney disease. 

All 3 traits were associated with genetic ancestry. East Asian ancestry was associated with the lowest diabetes risk and lowest mean levels of glucose and insulin, while diabetes risk and fasting glucose were highest in Marianas Islanders. The diabetes risk was 6.9 times higher for Marianas Islanders compared to East Asians. The mean differences in fasting glucose and insulin for the two groups were large. 

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