Friday, October 19, 2012

An increase in skepticism among young people?

I've been distributing a questionnaire to students which, among other things, asks them their religion. Quite a few have answered "atheist" which makes me wonder if skepticism is on the increase among young people. It would not surprise me, given the success of New Atheists like Richard Dawkins.

The General Social Survey has been asking about belief in God most survey years since 1988. Here are the percentages for men and women ages 18-29 for the 90s and the past decade:

Percent skeptical--1990s

Men (n = 470)
Atheist 4.9
Agnostic 7.7

Women (n = 571)
Atheist 2.5
Agnostic 3.9

Past decade

Men (n = 644)
Atheist 5.3
Agnostic 10.2

Women (n = 824)
Atheist 1.6
Agnostic 5.3

All categories appear to have increased except for female atheists.


  1. As a religious person, I'm glad that religiosity is not doing a cliff dive.

    In any case, those who forecast the demise of religion are particularly foolish, in my opinion, or at least ignorant of demographics.

    In the modern world of contraception, atheism is tied tightly to demographic decline. Atheist societies do not replace themselves and particularly atheists within societies do not replace themselves.

  2. Could a link between how emotional one is and religiosity also explain this trend? As females are more emotional than males and religious activity/experiences have strong emotional components, mayhap this could explain why men comprise a disproportionate share of atheists/agnostics.

    (I'm a male Christian and active in the faith, for the record.)

  3. Stephen5:46 PM

    Nelson, the gender difference is indeed surprising.

    I'm wondering whether women are more likely than men to take religion to include new age rituals (ie crystals, universal life-force etc)? That broader definition might explain the difference.

  4. Stephen5:48 PM

    Are there any stats that break down by gender regular attendance at a place of worship?

  5. @Stephen:

    I'm wondering whether women are more likely than men to take religion to include new age rituals (ie crystals, universal life-force etc)? That broader definition might explain the difference.

    Using the GSS 1972-2010 cumulative data file and comparing gender to some religious variables such as tendency to (and frequency of) prayer and the coping variables, there's a definite gender difference (i.e. females pray more often, females more likely to have religious experiences, feel God's presence, say with certainty that they work with God and rely on Him, etc.); the z-scores from the GSS tables are especially telling. I think the GSS questions on spirituality might cover the "new age" rituals.

    As for attendance at a place of worship, I didn't find that (it's probably in the GSS somewhere; I'll do a comprehensive search when time allows).

  6. One more thing: I checked the World Values Survey (2005-2008 wave; U.S. samples only) and charted gender v. religious attendance; these are the results (excluding don't know/no response):

    WVS question: How often do you attend religious services?

    MALE n = 603
    FEMALE n = 646

    1) Attend more than once/wk
    Male 10.1%; Female 12.4%
    2) Attend once/wk
    Male 19.3%; Female 26.8%
    3) Attend once/mo
    Male 13.3%; Female 11.4%
    4) Attend special holidays only
    Male 9.0%; Female 8.1%
    5) Attend once/yr
    Male 4.8%; Female 4.1%
    6) Attend less than once/yr
    Male 13.3%; Female 9.8%
    7) Attend never
    Male 27.1%; Female 22.0%

  7. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Dawkins is a lower level, lower class sort of pop atheism peddler. He uses more shaming tactics than more intellectual atheists. Assuming atheism proselytizers figure they have got as high a fraction of the smart folks as they are ever going to get, they are moving down the intellect scale with folks like Dawkins Once you move to the "agree with us and people will think you are cool and smart" line of reasoning, you have left the intellect and are appealing to emotions a la the televangelist. Dawkins may appeal to the spiritual but not religious chicks more than Hitchens.

  8. Atheism is not a faith.

  9. Dear Inductivist,

    Back in 2008 there was a flurry of blogosphere chatter about your surprising finding that the Wordsum-IQ of (white) Episcopalians was slightly higher than that of Jews, namely 109.9 vs. 109.

    I've just recently tried to replicate the results, and can't. I'm getting the Episcopalian numbers as being quite high, but still a point or two lower. I've tried various approaches, using both DENOM and DENOM16 on the website, and nothing seems to work.

    I wonder if you could reconfirm your results, or suggest what I might be doing wrong (you're probably over 100x more experienced with GSS usage than I am).

  10. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Mr. Unz,

    Only Ashkenazi Jews are posited to have elevated IQ's, so a comparison with all Jews is rather uninformative. Moreover, Ashkenazim form an ethnic group that in the modern past has taken very few converts. Are Episcopalians an ethnic group? Two hundred years ago, it might have been the case that they were descended almost entirely from English and Anglo-Irish antecedents, but is that still true? There have been many converts to Episcopalianism from other Christian denominations as a means of social climbing. Even if they were overwhelmingly of English ancestry, one might expect that the average IQ of the converts was above average.

  11. I'm not young, but I never associated the word "skeptic" with religion because I was never skeptical of religion - I just never believed any of it.

    Religions are so far-fetched and loony that disbelief doesn't require skepticism, just as there's no reason to be skeptical about the statement "2+2=0", because it's falsity is so obvious.

  12. Everything okay?

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  20. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Nelson, the gender difference is indeed surprising.

    It's not the slightest bit surprising. Women's greater religiosity is a constant across cultures and over time, and this is a truism.

    The increase since the 1990s noted by Inductivist is actually very slight: 13% > 16% for males and 6% > 7% for females. This, after some pretty heavy-duty proselytizing by the New Atheists, strongly supported by Moldbug's Cathedral (govt-universities-media).


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    I miss your posts.

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