Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black rate of hate crimes against Hispanics is higher than for whites

Using FBI statistics, Audacious Epigone shows that blacks are much more likely than whites to commit an anti-gay hate crime. From the same table, I can calculate the difference for hate crimes involving Hispanic victims. The population-adjusted rate is 1.6 times higher for blacks than whites. This is another indication that blacks have a more serious problem with hate violence than whites. (The rate difference might be inflated some since the "white" numbers include Hispanics who are less likely to commit hates crimes against their own. On the other hand, keep in mind that "Hispanics" include many national groups, members of whom might not like each other.)

This FBI webpage lists the percentage of offenders of any type of hate crime by race. The population-adjusted rate for blacks is 1.8 times that of whites for 2010--the latest year available.


  1. Ron, I appreciate your informative posts. Could you do a post on the following?

    Per a given male yDNA haplogroup, to what degree can one predict the mtDNA haplogroup of his mother? That is, what degree of correlation is there between male and female haplogroups? I suspect there is a large correlation. I have called a few different DNA companies asking for the data so I could run the numbers. Noone has replied.

  2. I'm not real surprised about the anti-gay opinions of blacks.

    Tracy Morgan the black comedian is virulently anti-gay. (Full disclosure - I've never seen him perform.) He said that if his son was gay he would kill him. He also said being gay was a choice and no one could tell him otherwise.

    The idea that homosexuality is a choice is a particularly stupid idea. But with blacks being less intelligent we should be expected them to hold this very dumb notion more frequently than whites or Asians.

    Every normal adult man should be able to remember when they first became interested in girls. Morgan seems to think that sometime around the age of thirteen all boys go to Wikipedia and research the various sexual alternatives. About 97% apparently by this theory choose to be attracted to women but three percent decide to be attracted to boys. He must think kids sit around in bull sessions and discuss the pros and cons as to whether they should be gay or straight.

    This is some crazy idea.

    We also know that almost every attempt at converting from gay to straight has failed. We know that millions of gays would prefer not to be gay, but they can't help it. It is not like an addiction to a drug. I used to smoke. After I quit eventually I didn't feel those nicotine cravings anymore. Being gay isn't like that. If a man stops engaging in homosexual activities for a while he won't just forget all about it and revert to women.

    I apologize for pointing out the obvious.

    I'm not defending homosexuality - quite the opposite. Homosexuality is bad, bad, bad. It is an affliction to a family. Anyone who says stuff like Morgan says is just showing that he's very stupid.
    Lack of black brains translates to more hate crimes against gays.

    Blacks of course are much higher in interpersonal violence anyway. I expect that the FBI is reluctant to charge blacks with any hate crimes. The true rate is likely to be much higher.

    Let me add a statement for anyone I have yet to offend. I don't think black hate crimes against gays is much of a problem.

    Black murder is serious and black rape is also serious but gay bashing by blacks doesn't alarm me all that much. Blacks exhibit a lot of bad behavior, gay bashing is a long way from being the worst.


  3. bleach10:40 AM

    Unfortunately there is a degree of subjectivity in what constitutes a hate crime or not, and a major bias against labeling crimes against whites as hate crimes unless the white person in question happens to fall into a protected group (like homos). So I don't know how much we can really trust this data.

  4. You're right that the true racial gap might be even bigger.

  5. Bleach,

    Yeah, I doubt the the data are fully trustworthy in terms of good faith, honest collecting and reporting of it. But this does provide a way to counter the use of the phrase "hate crime" as a cudgel to rhetorically bludgeon heterosexual white men.

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