Friday, December 02, 2011

I love American elites

Zbigniew Brzezinski said on Morning Joe this morning that the U.S. is the most socially unjust country in the world because our GINI coefficient is the highest in the world. He's close: We are 40th.

I love American elites. They import tens of millions of poor immigrants over the years and then point and say, "The U.S. is evil because it's so unequal!"


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Heard Z' comments on the radio this morning (Limbaugh played part of them.)

    How the heck can anyone think the guy who screwed up under the screw-up Jimma Carter has anything worthwhile to say?

    His daughter is even more vacuous than he. Actually, that whole MSNBC group is a mess, Joe S. along with the rest.

  2. [Among] the highest in the world [for wealthy countries]. Only a few missing words.

  3. Never mind. It is good to use evidence to point out what the inaccuracies in what people say, like Guhname has done in this post. Also, the immigration point is important (although you could still say that you think income equality is important but not more important than the ability of people to immigrate).

  4. Most-Unequal Income Distributions
    1 Namibia [Most unequal]
    36 Philippines
    37 Mozambique
    38 Jamaica
    39 Bulgaria
    40 USA
    41 Cameroon
    42 Iran
    43 Cambodia
    44 Uganda
    140 Sweden [Most Equal]

    USA is not in good company.


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