Thursday, July 07, 2011

The depravity of men

The Casey Anthony trial has revealed the depravity of men. I don't mean the depravity of Man, or the depravity of women. I mean the depravity of men. While watching the coverage, all I could think was, "Okay, so she's a child-killing psychopath; I'd still do her."

(Honestly, I should drop the last letter to get: "The depravity of me.")


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Well, Ron, up until now I've always had a great deal of respect for you, but I have to admit, I doubt I will ever be able to forget that you said this/thought this/wrote this, even though I know you have only attempted to be honest.

    Least offensive is that from what I've seen of her, this woman is no more than of average attractiveness.

    Most offensive is that you know what she is, yet your mind goes to sex with her, and yes, that is depraved. I've never thought of you that way before, even though I do know even good people have deep-seated dark pits w/in them.

    I think what bothers me most, though, is that your response seems not deep-seated at all but rather on the surface.

    The only real sense I can make of what you have written/thought is that perhaps your male response of "I'd do her" no matter what she is, no matter what she has done, is related to the sex/violence pathway in the male brain or at least in the brain of some males (and most likely in the brain of some females, to be fair.)

    Studies of rats show that the areas of the primitive brain devoted to sexual excitation are very close to the areas of the brain devoted to protection of self and family, thus close to areas capable of great violence. Researchers have surmised that criminal behavior is often linked to sex because in some men the areas are crossed, mixed (not the scientific terms, but you get what I mean).

    Perhaps your male brain is tweaked to sexual excitation when looking at her precisely because_ she_ is_ pereived_as_dangerous. Or perhaps when it comes to sex, the part of your male brain devoted to sexual excitation simply cannot be turned off, no matter how other parts of the brain might be "turned off."

    No matter, no wonder we women get disgusted with men at times. It doesn't really help to tell ourselves, "Oh, well, it's in the nature of some of them."

    Sorry. I wish I had never read the post.

    Maybe I ought to just tell myself you haven't been getting any and you're just really horny.

  2. Anon: Sorry--the post was a lame attempt at black, locker-room humor. In all seriousness, what made me think of the joke was that during the trial, of all the things I could be focusing on, I caught myself noticing that she was attractive. It's like a women who meets Satan. All sorts of thoughts could run through her head, but she thinks, wow, he is handsome. The experience just reminded me how much guys think about sex, and I exaggerated it to turn it into a joke.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM


    I've recently become quite interested in the literature on personality disorders, other than psychopathy.

    Do you know of any data sources where one could check the data profile of the typical narcissist or a borderliner? These disorders are ~1-2% of the population and unevenly divided among the sexes.

    Simon Baron-Cohen also made a big about them in his new book.

  4. It is not unique to Ron. Anonymous is overreacting.

    The biological* prime directive for males is to spread the seed across all and sundry. This, as opposed to the thought he obviously did not have: "she'd make a good wife, I should spend my resources on her".

    *As I'm not a materialist, I don't think physical determinism is the whole story. Just FYI.

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  6. I found your post absolutely hilarious. I think that you are spot-on. Despite everything I believe most men would still give her a quick roll in the hay. An actual relationship with her is a completely different story.

  7. Anonymous9:32 PM


    I understand, (I guess--still don't think that the woman I saw in the courtroom has looks at all although the pics of her partying show a different look.)Thanks for the follow-up explanation.


    I hope men, at least men such as yourselves, understand that it's really difficult for women, especially when they are young (which am I no longer) to emotionally accept that their boyfriend, husband, father, men they respect, no matter how much they love the woman in their lives, would, if they could, have a great many rolls in the hay with other women. What prevents that from happening in the case of decent men is the threat of having to pay a heavy price--divorce, losing kids, shame, etc.

    It's one thing for a woman to intellectually know that men and women are, in most cases, very different in this area; it's quite another to accept it emotionally, to not be hurt by knowing it or by seeing it in action in something as innocent as stolen glances.

    If you would, just turn the tables for a minute or two and imagine your woman feeling about males the way you do about females. Imagine her saying, "Wow, that one--I'd really like to get his c--k as big as I could and shove it inside me."

    I am a great believer in HBD and studying the science of it helps, but it doesn't really help a 24 year old woman in love with a man. When girls are young, most don't accept it. Just understand that it IS hard.

  8. silly girl11:09 PM

    "I'd do her"

    FWIW, I thought it was funny, and I'm a woman.

    If Ron expressed sympathy for her, then I would think him depraved.

    Bottom line.

    Jury was depraved.

    Ron is normal with a sense of humor.

  9. chris4:26 AM


    "If you would, just turn the tables for a minute or two and imagine your woman feeling about males the way you do about females. Imagine her saying, "Wow, that one--I'd really like to get his c--k as big as I could and shove it inside me." "

    Not really an equivalent comparison seeing as psychological research shows that men and women have sexually dimorphic responses to sexual and emotional jealousy.

    or better yet see the study done by Buss on this subject.

  10. Anonymous1:22 PM


    Trust me--there are a growing number of women like Samantha in "Sex in the City," Yeah, yeah, I know, straight men didn't watch it, but while it's true that men's and women's brains are wired up differently, I know lots of women in their early to late 20s who enjoy sex a great deal and like their variety and care a great deal about what man can give them a greater sexual high.

    You can develop a taste for wine, strong cheese, escargo, and men! We don't put scarlet A's on women's chests anymore, and it has had a great effect.

  11. Asher6:39 AM

    I got four words on Caylee Anthony: one fewer future stripper

  12. The depravity of women is often even worse than that of men. Ron, like a lot of men, finds certain physical attributes attractive, even when found on a horrible person. But he wasn't attracted by her horribleness.

    However, at least some women can become attracted to men because of certain immoral acts that they do. Women are attracted to status and some of the things that men do to demonstrate their status are downright immoral. But women are often attracted by those actions anyway.


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