Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Level of identity in Europe by religion

As a follow-up to the last post, I used World Values Survey data and included the 25 countries from the sample that belong to the European Union. Next, I calculated the percent who identify first with one of various levels ranging from one's locality to the whole world. Results are listed by religion in the table above (sample size = 67,103). 

You can see that Jews and Hindus are less likely to identify with their localities and more likely to identify with the continent or the world. Muslims, by contrast, have a high number of people who identify with their locality or the entire world. Catholics and Protestants are more tied to the locality or the region.


  1. I see the data is from the 1990s.

    The first post-Soviet decade.

    Interesting is the case of Poland, which seems representative. Poland went from 2 or 3 out of 100 saying "I am a World Citizen First" in 1989 to fewer than 1-in-100 [0.9%] by 1999.

    West-Germany: 5.8% in 1981, vs. 2.4% in 1999.
    Britain: 9.2% in 1990 vs. 6.9% in 1999.


  2. [Note: If anyone wants to pore through this particular data themselves: Go here, click "Four-wave Aggregate of the Values Studies", highlight desired countries/years-of-study, click "confirm selection", ctrl-f search for "Geographical groups belonging to first(G001)" and click it, go to "cross-tabs", then manipulate drop-down variables as desired -- be careful that default is to exclude "Dont Knows", which might be a significant amount of responses.]

  3. By the way, Inductivist, the real story of the Jews and "world citizenry" is more complicated, as I pointed out here.

    If you ask the question broadly: "Do you consider yourself to be a world citizen"? Jews state that they "Strongly Disagree" far more than any other group.

    Yet they also answer "I am a world citizen first" most of any group.

    So what we're picking up is clearly the sharp differentiation within Jewry between the Orthodox and the Liberal Jew. (See here also).

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