Thursday, August 19, 2010

New research: Southern Italians just as smart as northern Italians

Richard Lynn recently published a paper which showed that regional IQ in Italy moves up as one goes from the south to the north (the same within-race pattern we see in the U.S.). He explained it in terms of southern Italian genetic admixture with populations from North Africa and the Near East who have mean IQs lower than Europeans.

Using data from Raven's Progressive Coloured Matrices tests, these Italian researchers reported in a paper published in July that there is no significant IQ difference between northern and southern Italians.


  1. Cool! I would have thought so. Having observed both, I've always found it hard to believe the clever southern Italians could have IQs similar to those of much of South America. I'm sure Dienekes' research covered this a long time ago, though. He showed the mean for the Greeks to be near the European norm. He seems to be quite adamant about there being no significant IQ difference between southern Europeans and northern. He's got a pretty cool anthrop blog, if you haven't already seen.

  2. Lynn's responds here.

    Unfortunately Lynn isn't aware of the Italian language papers that directly support him with Raven's data for every province.

    Perhaps I should blog about them.

  3. er... response here.

  4. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Whew!!! My grandparents were from Naples.

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Ain't that special.
    At least one country with a uniform IQ distribution from North to South.
    The people in Sicily are as smart as the ones in Milan... hmm...

  6. "Perhaps I should blog about them."

    Yes, that would be very interesting.

    Luigi Barzini's 1964 book "The Italians" says that Italians believe Southerners are at least as clever as Northerners, but that they use their intelligence in perverse, socially deleterious ways.

  7. What was the average IQ he found? I've seen Italian estimates of 102 and others a lot lower. I'm part Italian so I am curious.

  8. Jason, If you are going to blog about those papers where do you blog these days? I do not see you listed in the blog roll...

  9. I'd put it at gnxp. The sidebar is people that have posted in 2010.

  10. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I'm confused as to why Lynn posits admixture from North Africa and the Mideast as the reason for the alleged IQ gap when all the genetic analyses I'm aware of don't show any appreciable admixture in Sicily. Is it really so unlikely that Sicilians can be 1) wholly European and 2) possessing an average IQ less than the European norm? If we agree that regional IQs in Europe are not uniform (and I don't see any reason they should be) then *some* European group has to be at the low end of spectrum. I think Lynn's insistence on racial admixture as the cause despite any genetic evidence of such admixture( please point me to some if I'm mistaken) betrays an ideological bias (non-European always equals less intelligent) that colors his results.

    Jason, *please* blog about the IQ differences! I'm more Sicilian than anything else and dying to know. :)

  11. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Richard Lynn is alot less biased(if biased at all) than Dienekes.

  12. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Malloy, you allude to alot of IQ studies that support your idol Lynn, but never really post them. Your thousands of more studies than Lynn, all of the data on how dumb Balkan whites are, and now province-by-province raven's data that perfectly supports Lynn. They find differences of 10 or more points? Really? Why don't you post them once and for all?

    "Richard Lynn is alot less biased(if biased at all) than Dienekes."

    Lynn isn't biased at all. That's why he's a frequent attendee of Amren conferences.

  13. Anonymous10:44 AM

    It's been well over a week now.

    I've it all, Malloy- back in late 05, you claiming on Abiola's blog you own raven's conversion tables and studies Lynn seemingly isn't aware of. You also claim to research transracial adoption studies, and in your largely breathless review of Lynn's "Race Diffences in Intelligence", you said the following:

    " In a month or two on GNXP I will present the first comprehensive investigation of international transracial adoption literature (a large expansion off this post), presenting much data not included in RDiI, particularly for East Asians."

    And you also say the following:

    "Also, I know that there are, in fact, a number of IQ studies of Romanian children adopted into American and British homes. It was unfortunate that they were not reviewed. My superficial impression is that they indeed show a lower IQ than other adoptees."

    Though, we never see any follow up on all of these transracial adoption studies, though it begs asking what would be so special when you seem to conflate the poor effects of shared environment, often taking the form of naive environmentalism, to meaning out and out validation for your hereditarian beliefs. (did you forget nonshared?)

    Nor we do we see any follow up on your vested interest in how dumb Romanian whites are.

    And then we have your previous commentary, on another post here about Lynn's work, on the many thousands of more studies you've uncovered than Lynn (that you plan to share some day) and the steep IQ decline in southern and southeastern europe. (especially for spaniards and italians)

    I see markedly little follow ups on these. One of the seemingly few times you did so was in your defense of Watson, using OECD test data- while that's a different matter, it's pretty odd how you emphasized those scores so heavily if you didn't believe them to be truly reflective of their actual abilities. If those scores are so phenotypic, why drum them up so much?

    And if you do someday decide to really follow up on all of these, we might have to ask ourselves why we should trust some art student turned science blogger- who really, really tries to emphasize how he's such a good old liberal- anymore than the amount of trust that's put on Lynn.

    Your defense of Watson got published in Medical Hypothoses, and subsequently got heavily criticized by Wicherts. Have you ever replied to him?

    You can get a start on all of this by atleast post this mysterious province-by-province Raven's data that so perfectly supports Lynn.

  14. Anonymous10:44 AM

    In the beginning, meant to say "I've seen it all".

  15. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Nearly half a year later.

    You're a hack, Malloy.

  16. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Actually, more like a charlatan.

  17. If you are interested in data that show Southern Italians in the US have matched the white census group that reaveals the white IQ distribution see my article on Richard Lynn on my blog WARBYIQ.COM

    r peppe


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