Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's the laziest?

GSS respondents were asked to rate the laziness of various groups, giving them a score somewhere between hardworking (1) and lazy (7). The mean ratings given by blacks and whites are shown above (sample size = 1,226).

Blacks and whites rank other groups differently. For blacks, the laziest to the least lazy goes like this: Hispanics, blacks, whites, southern whites, Jews, and Asians. For whites, it's blacks, Hispanics, southern whites, whites, Asians, and Jews. Based on my own rankings, it would appear that I am a white person.  

It's interesting, given that immigration enthusiasts love to advertise the work ethic of Hispanics, that ordinary blacks and whites perceive them to be comparatively lazy. And you can't respond that blacks and whites are completely self-serving in their rankings: both groups feel that Jews and Asians are harder working than they are.  

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  1. dearieme7:58 AM

    "the work ethnic of Hispanics": thank you, Dr Freud.


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