Sunday, June 13, 2010

Revolution in racial attitudes has been most dramatic among whites

I copied this graph from Pew's report on trends in interracial marriage.  It's interesting how the greater reluctance among older whites, compared to older blacks and Hispanics, at seeing a relative marry outside their race (or ethnicity) is reversed among young adults. Young whites are more supportive of outmarriage than either young blacks or Hispanics (although the difference is not large). The revolution in racial attitudes has been much more dramatic among whites.  


  1. I think there's a BIG difference between the posed question (a family member marrying outside your race) and being OK with interracial marriage in general.

    I imagine if the question pertained to interracial marriage in general, the 'pro' responses would be much higher still.

  2. In the absence of longitudinal data, how can you be sure that the age correlation isn't at least in part due to maturation?


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