Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blacks give reasons for black poverty

In the last post, reader sillygirl asked about blacks who believe that their group is poorer due to: 1) not trying hard enough, or 2) being born with less ability to learn. According to sociologists, when whites gives these reasons, they are revealing their anti-black hostility. Presumably few blacks would give these same reasons: how many people would hate their own race?

I calculated percentages from the most recent year of General Social Survey data--2008.  

Percent giving "not trying hard enough" as an answer (N = 1,152) 
Whites 51.7
Blacks 46.4

Percent giving "less inborn ability to learn" as an answer (N = 1,182)
Whites 9.6
Blacks 12.0

Blacks are almost as likely as whites to give the first answer and more likely to give the second! There's a whole lot of self-hatred going on.

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  1. Thanks.

    About what I suspected. The difference is not zero, but neither is it very much.

    If the textbook author were honest, he would have included such data.


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