Friday, November 06, 2009

Muslim women are as happy as their men

After reading the comments in the last post, I wondered if Muslim women are less happy than the men.  I put together the table shown above from World Values Survey data. Looking at the six surveyed countries, women are just as happy. (The surveys were conducted at some point in the past 5 years which helps explain the lower happiness numbers in Iraq. As they say, war is hell).     


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Hmm...wasn't Jordan also the country with the highest percentage of the population that believed that there was nothing wrong with wife beating?

  2. Thank you! I've been suspecting this was the case for some time and I wanted to write a post about it, but I didn't have the data.

  3. Since these places are among the most "sexist" in the world, one has to clearly wonder if feminism is the slightest bit necessary for women to be happy.

    In fact, it looks like in the bad old days of our own civilization women would have actually have been happier than their men folk.

  4. "Since these places are among the most "sexist" in the world, one has to clearly wonder if feminism is the slightest bit necessary for women to be happy.

    It is neither necessary nor helpful. The issue begins when women are so restricted that their inability to contribute to the economy and the sheer number of children causes poverty and lower living standards. At that point the material poverty correlates with lower happiness. In some arab countries, it is men rather than women that work in cloth making factories. The women stay at home with too many children. This keeps the society impoverished since there is only enough money to feed the children and none left to invest in social advancement.

    In a materially well of society like Saudi Arabia, both the men and the women are as happy as they are in western countries with comparable living standards.

    This illistrates not the weakness of feminism but the weakness of utilitarianism. Happiness is just not the end all be all. It's an often irrational instinct based on a number of factors from the amount of sunlight to the kind of luck an individual had that day.

  5. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Not sure about kids making people poor. My parents and grandparents came from huge families that started poor and became rich while the family was growing. I think the poverty is based on something else. Also, define poverty. Are the Amish poor? Those that leave rapidly become middle class in less than two generations despite having a bunch of kids.

  6. It should be pretty obvious that feminism has nothing to do with women's happiness, it has to do with feminist happiness, which is derived from ensaring men for not rejecting what is otherwise an ugly, repulsive and at best plain-looking segment of women. Basically, ugly bitches that can't deal with it and read Marx all day long.

  7. Sceptic3:06 AM

    Actually according to your data women are happier than men in all those muslim countries except Jordan.

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM

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  9. I am an American Muslim woman and while I have been to Turkey and not the other countries I think that these numbers are hogwash. Are American women happier? Are you stating that just because they come from the Middle East that they are less happy? The life in the Middle Eeast is is far easier for the women. She often stays at home to care for the kids and what fun is this?! Women in America drop their kids off in day care or family and are forced to work very often because the men are not capable of supporting the whole family.
    Anyway its all hogwash.


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