Friday, October 02, 2009

Homosexuals and bisexuals are more extraverted: Here are mean introversion scores (GSS behavioral measure--self-reported trait not available) for sexual orientation groups:

Mean introversion score (N = 11,642)

Straight women 14.2
Straight men 13.4
Lesbians 13.2
Gay men 12.2
Bisexual men 11.7
Bisexual women 11.0

All groups are significantly more extraverted than straight women (p < .05. two-tail). N's are pretty good. The smallest group is bisexual men at 35. Here are the effect sizes:

Effect Size

Straight men .22
Lesbians .28
Gay men .56
Bisexual men .69
Bisexual women .89

The differences between straight men and lesbians on the one hand and straight women on the other are small, but the straight women/gay men difference is of moderate size. Bisexuals of both sexes are much more extraverted than heterosexual women.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    "I am reminded of the possibility that HIV may have an extended phenotype similar to Kluver-Bucy syndrome."

    Hmmm. Would that explain barebacking? Paraphilias among the infected?

    I noticed that was written in 2001--anything more recent on his statements?

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