Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watch out for people with green eyes: In 2006, the NYPD recorded data on over 500,000 stops in order to estimate how much of a problem officers have with racial bias. Here are the percent of stops that resulted in an arrest:

Percent of stops resulting in an arrest

Asian/Pacific Islander 4.4
Black 4.0
American Indian 3.0
Black Hispanics 4.5
White Hispanics 4.3
Whites 4.8
Other 2.6

I see zero evidence here of bias against non-whites. This, in spite of the fact Hispanics and especially blacks are much more belligerent than other groups.

But the more interesting part. For every racial category with sufficient numbers, people with green eyes are significantly more likely to be arrested. The overall arrest rate is 4.1 percent, and here are the percent with green eyes who are arrested:

Percent of people with green eyes who are arrested

Black 7.3 (N = 820)
Black Hispanic 7.2 (N = 207)
White Hispanic 7.0 (N = 1,626)
White 7.4 (3,802)
All cases 7.1 (N = 6,787)

People with green eyes, regardless of race, are 1.7 times more likely to get hauled in. Does anyone have an explanation for this?


  1. Maybe Hollywood Jews have it wrong and rather than blond heterosexual men being the spawn of Satan, it is green-eyed people.

    Of course, even in movies it is hard to do enough closeups to create a racial profile based on eye color. Maybe they just found the closest correlate and went with that to help educate us plebs. It's a tough job they have to do for us.

  2. We green-eyed folks must be some mighty devious weasels.

  3. If whites are being arrested at a higher rate than blacks (than all other groups, in fact), but blacks are actually more violent and criminal, aren't we to conclude that the NYPD is likely discriminating against whites? They are being arrested in greater proportion than blacks, yet they commit far fewer crimes. According to this data, whites are arrested at a 20% higher rate than blacks. Where are the cries of "discrimination" and "profiling" now?

    I suppose an alternative thesis may be that NY blacks are magically better behaved than their counterparts just about anywhere else, but this would also probably necessitate a far above-the-mean level of criminality in NY whites to make them the more criminal class, which I just can't see. Alternatively, perhaps whites are better behaved overall, but when in a vehicle are 20% more criminal than blacks. I doubt either of these theses explain much or any of this disparity in arrest rates, though. Considering the track record of racial politics in America, the most likely and simplest explanation is simply that this is another case of whitey bearing the business-end of political correctness tyranny.

  4. A large percentage of those driving would be wearing sunglasses. So it's probably not because the officers have an insane reaction to the colour of the person's eyes.

  5. While Van Morrison was laughing and a running with the brown-eyed girl, the green-eyed girl was doing hard time in the slammer.

    Seriously, though, I have no idea on this one. Are there any other physical characteristics that tend to accompany green eyes?

  6. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Green-eyed people have been stereotyped as "intense" and "fiery" in their personality. If at all valid, maybe these people lose their tempers easier, and the cops will have none of it.


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