Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tito the Builder: I've posted dozens of analyses documenting the lower average human capital among Hispanic immigrants. I keep beating that drum, not because ordinary folks who live with Latinos don't sense these kinds of things, but because all too many elites have romantic notions about this population.

Knee-jerk multiculturalists, of course, assume I'm a racist and that I want no Hispanics to live in the country. Hispanic citizens enjoy every right I have, and are just as much an American as I am. Admission to this country should be based on an individual's ability to make the country a better one.

A recent example of this is Tito the Builder. An immigrant from Colombia, he's worked hard and now owns a construction company. As a partisan, I'm also glad to see that he's a conservative--the politics that productive people who are comfortable with traditional America often adopt.

Now, some reader will probably find something that makes Tito look bad, but I only use him as a symbol of what I am talking about. I couldn't care less that a man is brown, or that he speaks Spanish at home. I do care that he makes a net contribution to society, and I do care that he's not the type to tear down what I value about America.


  1. His may be a case of not so much adopting conservative approaches here, but of previous negative experience with the left in Colombia. Such suspicions are what the voters should entertain, as an applicant for the top security clearance is in not entitled to a presumption of innocence. Trust, but verify, by letting the major media refuse to do its minimum functions regarding Obama, is grossly negligent, if the voters would do that.

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Yup. Plenty of Eastern Europeans have similar viewpoints. It's interesting that the few right-wing Jews I knew came from the Soviet Union or had parents who did.


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