Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If conservatives want to conserve themselves, they need to be against all immigration--or at least all non-white immigration: My last two post have shown that, contrary to neocon nonsense, immigrants move left as they move into mainstream American society. I have, however, focused on non-white (or mixed raced) immigrants, while white immigrants have been left out of the picture. Below I show the percent of immigrants who voted for Bush in 2000 by race and by various indicators of assimilation:

Percent who voted for Bush

Less than high school 44.4
High school 45.0
Junior college 76.5
Bachelors 56.7
Grad school 25.0

Less than high school 35.0
High school 43.9
Junior college 33.3
Bachelors 27.3
Grad school 33.3

Low-income 50.0
High-income 60.0

Low-income 28.1
High-income 37.5

Low-prestige job 49.3
High-prestige job 46.9

Low-prestige job 31.9
High-prestige job 22.8

The differences are clear. While white immigrants appear to help Republicans to some degree, non-white immigrants, regardless of the ease to which they move to America's mainstream, push the country left. As white immigrants make more money, they become more conservative. So do non-whites, but 38% of high-income non-white immigrants voting for Bush is still a big loss to Republicans.

So the lesson here to conservatives is that if you want to ever win elections in the future, you had better shut down illegal and legal immigration--at least from non-white countries. Or just maintain the status quo, and allow neocons to eventually convince the country that universal health care is actually a conservative idea. Your choice.


  1. skeptical9:28 PM


    You have a pretty interesting blog here.

    You also seem to be a pro-White type of person. Right?!

    I am just surprised I haven't seen you over at or

    Kindest regards.

  2. servusdei3:39 AM

    You forget, Ron, that it is EVIL for certain groups (whites, men, paleo-conservatives) to seek to protect their own interests and conserve themselves. And I'm afraid I agree with Kevin MacDonald about the main reasons for this insane situation.


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