Thursday, December 06, 2007

Married women who are very liberal are most likely to cheat or be in an open relationship: The General Social Survey asks participants their marital status and the number of sexual partners one has had in the past year (N=3,330). Here are the numbers for women:

Percent of married women who had more than one sex partner in the past year

Extremely liberal 9.6
Liberal 3.7
Slightly liberal 2.9
Moderate 1.7
Slightly conservative 1.7
Conservative 1.5
Extremely conservative 4.2

One out of ten extremely liberal married women had sex with someone other than their husband. So all you guys out their who like to sleep with married women, you now know where to focus your search. (If your town is short on radicals, the extreme Right seems to be the next best choice.)


  1. Married women who are very liberal are most likely to cheat

    The data doesn't distinguish between 'cheating' and open relationships.

    And perhaps more 'extremely liberal' husbands pressure their wives into threesomes.

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    can you explain the 4.2 for extremely conservative? Did they get married multiple times? Thats a strange result.

  3. jason: Thanks--good points.

  4. anon: I don't know. My first thought was that some libertarians might self-identify as "extremely conservative" but who knows.

  5. Thats a strange result.

    Is there a pattern of more personal dysfunction at the political tails? Or among extreme conservatives in particular?

    I wonder if it's bimodal? Extreme conservatives being upstanding middle-class Ned Flanders types (e.g. Mormons), and low IQ lower class types. (e.g. Appalachians)

  6. merv the perv6:25 PM

    How many of the extreme liberals are with women on the side and how many of the extreme conservatives are with clergymen?

  7. Why extremely liberal and extremely conservative? Both are likely to be politically active and hence working outside the house in mixed-sex emotionally intense environments, probably without their husbands.

    Maybe you could get correlation with political activism, if there is such a question.


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