Friday, December 08, 2006

Which ethnic group has the most energy? Americans were asked how much energy they had the past month (General Social Survey). Answers ranged from all the time (1) to none of the time (6). I calculated the mean answer for the large ethnic groups and subtracted it from 6 so that high numbers indicate having abundant energy:

Mean energy score:

Mexicans 3.38
Jews 3.26
Germans 3.16
Italians 3.14
Blacks 3.10

USA 2.97

Irish 2.97
English 2.85
American Indians 2.77

The American Indian estimate squares with my experience, but I am surprised that the black mean is above average. On the other hand, no one works harder to get their grades changed than black students. And don't accuse me of suppressing stats that make Mexicans look good.

Update: I promised myslef that I would include Jews (a religious, not ethnic group in the General Social Survey) when analyzing ethnic differences, and, just like me, I immediately forgot. Their mean energy score is 3.26, so this is a active group, behind only Mexicans.


  1. That's basically a test of Extraversion. Cattell's 16PF has a factor called "Liveliness," which measures energy level, and when the 16PF was later factor-analyzed, this factor was subsumed under the broader Extraversion factor. The "Big Five" questionnaire, the NEO-PI, has a facet of Extraversion called "Activity," which measures pace of living.


  2. What I find rather disturbing is the way Mexicans are using North West Amerindian reservations for gang operations under the conceit that they are "Native Americans". (You may not read about this many places -- it is knowledge about the heroin traffic targeting Portland and surrounding areas I acquired from local law enforcement officers.) Not only are the genetic gradients with geography greater for "Native Americans" than any other continent, but now we see the Amerindians may be particularly vulnerable to exploitation from the south.

  3. jabowery: Yes, the latest thing in gang research is reservation studies. It's official folks that gangs are now EVERYWHERE. While many movies have focused on black gangs, the real driving force here is Hispanic. In one recent study in Denver, ONE-HALF of young Hispanic males were gangbangers. Yes, I said half.

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