Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mexican women are the most criminal in America: I've looked at crime before on this blog, but have not focused on female criminality. Here are the percent who reported to the General Social Survey that they have ever been arrested:

Percent of American women arrested (sample size in parentheses):

Mexicans 9.3 (108)
French 6.1 (114)
Blacks 5.9 (404)
Italians 5.6 (269)
American Indian 4.8 (187)
Germans 4.7 (844)

USA 4.6 (4,626)

Scots 4.6 (131)
Irish 4.5 (581)
Poles 3.8 (159)
English/Welsh 2.8 (647)

I swear I'm not making this up: Mexican women have rates higher than any other group. Blacks and Southern Europeans also have high numbers, while other Europeans and American Indians are average or low.


  1. I wonder if roughly the same rank would hold for percent of American women who've ever been a sex worker of any sort -- stripper, porn actress, prostitute, etc. The personality profile for criminals seems to be a more extreme version of that of sex workers: low trust of others, aimless, extraverted, emotionally unstable.

    BTW, if any guys prefer "bad girls," now you know which groups to steer toward (though they probably already knew).

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    What's the deal with French women?

  3. Agnostic: Right, street criminals generally engage in a variety of crimes, and if you're female, one of those crimes is likely to be prostitution. Personality profiles for males and females are similar, with family and psychological troubles more common among the latter.

    I suspect that black women rank first on the prostitution list--blacks are 40% of arrestees according to the Uniform Crime Reports. Prostitution is not a common offense leading to arrest. The women who reported an arrest in the GSS were more likely arrested for theft, fraud, drug and alcohol violations (including DUIs), and disorderly conduct.

  4. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Well, I'm not sure what this proves if anything. I would like to see how the "poll" was conducted.

    Now the only stat that I see as understandable are the French ... whether male or female the French . . . especially Parisiennes are intrinsically pain in the asses.


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