Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Misanthropy at Time: Barbara Ehrenreich opined in Time magazine last week that the reason why there is a shortage of men in college is that they are lazy and party-minded. Of course, if a man had the audacity to suggest that women might be few in number in university math departments because of some personal trait--in this case math stupidity--he would be called a misogynist, and he might lose his job. According to the GSS, the average male college student goes to a bar once a month; the typical female student, several times a year. This is not enough a difference, nor is it indicative of enough male irresponsibility to explain why 60% of college students are girls.


  1. Since the legal drinking age in the US is 21 years of age maybe bar trips are not very indicative of drinking habits in general for college students. Also I would say female students do a larger percentage of their drinking in bars and parties, while male college students don't need to go out to drink heavily.

    Not that I agree with Barbara Ehrenreich thesis, but males drink a lot more than females do.

  2. I heard an interesting parallel to this on the radio a couple days ago. Michael Medved was interviewing the NY Times sports columnist William Rhoden who has a new book describing how black athletes are victims of the white racist power structure.

    One of his main claims was that the dearth of black managers and sports executives was proof of racist oppression in sports.

    A caller asked whether Rhoden thought it racist that blacks make up such a disproportionate share of NBA and NFL players. Rhoden scoffed, "Of course not. They're just better athletes!"

    The caller was about to make the point that Rhoden might consider looking into the idea that whites make better executives and managers, but Medved quickly dumped him. Didn't wanna go down that road, apparently.

  3. Incredible that so little attention is paid to the changes over time.

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