Saturday, April 11, 2009

She is a bigot because she is a gentile: Yesterday, I saw "Adventureland" and was struck by this scene: Jewish guy and Catholic girl make out. Later, the guy asks her to go see a movie and she apologizes, saying that her parents found out and won't let her date someone who's not Catholic. A Jewish female co-worker hears about it, the guy tells her worse things have happened to the Jews. She is very angry and tells the Catholic girl that she is not good enough to date the guy and that they are not friends.

So, let's see if I can figure this out. A gentile is a bigot if she doesn't want to marry someone from another faith. She is a bigot if she tries to persuade the Jew to become a Christian so she can marry him. And she is a bigot if she marries him, which leads to the death of Jewry through assimilation. Perhaps she can escape bigotry by converting to Judaism. So, to summarize, she is a bigot because she is a gentile.


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Though I would imagine that perspective is more popular among Jewish women then it is among Jewish men.

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Though I would imagine that perspective is more popular among Jewish women then it is among Jewish men

    Take it from someone raised in a majority Jewish neighborhood: it's WAY more common for Jewish guys to date and marry Gentile women than Jewish girls with Gentile men. My observation from interacting with them, is that, many (not all) Jewish guys avoid Jewish girls as much as they can; on the other extreme, Jewish girls only insist on dating/marrying Jewish men.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    RE: Jewish Babes

    Is Daphne Rosen single?

  4. Meh, it was just one throw-away line. If it had been set in Generation X's heyday of 1989 - 1995, you can imagine how bad it would have been on the PC score.

    The movie is a great portrayal of the twilight period, right before all of that Gen-X PC bullshit, which hadn't been popular since the early 1970s (maybe mid-'70s for feminism).

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Reminds me of my big grad school crush. When she said she couldn't marry a gentile, I thought she wasn't interested. Turns out she was only interested in that one thing.

    Later I met another beautiful Jew would consider marrying a gentile, just not a white gentile.


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