Friday, April 24, 2009

Buchanan, my man, waxes poetic:

Rooted people love the things of the heart: God, country, family and faith. The weapons of the mind have been given to us, they believe, to defend the things of the heart.

Knowledge follows love; it does not precede it.

Force yourself to watch MSNBC once in a while. He isn't getting any younger, and I doubt anyone will be able to fill his shoes.


  1. Waldorf11:22 PM

    Right you are indeed.

    Catching Pat speak for just a few minutes is enough reason to leave the TV on MSNBC rather than the God awful Fox News and its roster of pretty and stupid airhead bimbos and loud mouthed bozo buffoons.

    Over the years, I have been dumbfounded at how the media gatekeepers have even allowed Buchanan to besmirch their presence and the airwaves.

    It seemed like they were allowing him on air just so they might catch him saying something, any little thing, that would prove once and for all that he is a crazy "racist" or "anti-Semite", and then finally bury him once and for all.

    But it was always clear to the media establishment, as it is to you and me, that Buchanan is a brilliant politial analyst with experience in the highest levels of the halls of power. A genuine, one of a kind, lone voice in the wilderness, above the din of the inane commentary of our pundits and political "thinkers."

    And his impeccable integrity, especially for a political and media figure, is of course singular and has never wavered. I think he serves as an excellent model for what conservatives in public and in the media should aspire towards. Too many conservatives waver and capitulate to appease the mainstream liberal orthodoxy. Buchanan has never backed down, and thus I believe he has earned respect from liberal media figures who would otherwise readily dispose of him.

    Buchanan's recent article from which you have quoted has brought about yet another round of charging Buchanan of being a "racist." On liberal blogs and websites, commentators make stupid and disrespectul comments such as, "This is what happens when someone has a Jesuit education." Comments such as these bring to mind the fact that Buchanan really is a type of "Western man" that along with Western civilization itself, appears to be fading fast. This form of man, educated in the classics and in the Faith and tradition. A man of integrity, a gentleman scholar.

    And the insults hurled at Buchanan, such as him being a crazy, "wild Irishman" because of his name and faith betrays the utter ignorance of Western culture, history, and civilization that pervades even the supposed educated classes. Anyone with even a shred of knowledge of British or Western culture would recognize that "Buchanan" is a surname of Scotland.

    Buchanan, a true patriot and defender of the Faith. An American original.

    As he enters his golden years and inevitably retires, he will surely be missed. Indeed nobody will be able to fill his shoes, as he is irreplaceable.

  2. Waldorf11:36 PM

    I also would like to point you to a recent post by Larry Auster on Muslim immigration into Europe.

    Auster makes the sensational and ridiculous assertion that Buchanan (!) has claimed that Europe MUST allow for continued mass Muslim immigration: "the truism, repeatedly endlessly by every first-, second-, and third-rate journalist and not just his brother but his entire extended family plus Patrick Buchanan and Mark Steyn, that Europe MUST have vast waves of Muslim and African immigrants because given white Europe's low birthrate the European economy would collapse without immigrants taking jobs not taken by non-born white Europeans"

    Pat Buchanan has of course never made such a ridiculous assertion. He has written books warning about this, and when given the opportunity, even puts his balls on the line and warns about it on mainstream liberal establishment TV. While Auster just pounds out blog posts and gives talks to Israel-first Jewish geriatrics in Manhattan. And Auster undoubtedly knows this.

    Auster is obviously deliberately trying to make Buchanan look bad and discredit him in the eyes of his readers. He hates Buchanan because he has the gall to criticize Israel and question neocons and Israel firsters. Auster has even called Buchanan an "anti Semite" numerous times in the past.

    Auster and his sneaky, sly attacks, while unsurprising, are despicable.

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Pat has truly sacraficed professionally for what he believes. Even his enemies, if they had any honor, would acknowledge that. I really respect Pat Buchannan, who undoutably loved what this nations was before the left figured out a sleazy way to transform it without our consent. m

  4. The commenter Waldorf completely misunderstands and distorts my point. I wasn't saying that Buchanan says that he wants Europe to have Third-World immigration or that Europe should have Third-World immigration, but rather that Europe's low birth rate makes Third-World immigration inevitable and economically necessary. His main target is the low fertility which is what he means by the death of the West.


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