Monday, April 27, 2009

NAM neighbors hang out, whites socialize

Some readers were skeptical of my earlier analysis where I concluded that whites are more neighborly than NAMs. I found another question with more respondents (N = 16,572): how often do you spend an evening with a neighbor. The graphs above shows that NAMs are more likely to hang out with someone almost every night, or never. Whites are more likely to visit once a month or several times a year.

NAMs are more likely to have a neighborhood buddy that they hang out with all the time, while for whites it's more of an occasion. More likely to be a dinner party, I imagine--that sort of thing. (I could be wrong: NAMs might be rotating among several neighbors).

Combined with the post on taking care of plants and pets, whites might be more role-oriented: a neighbor should do such and such.


  1. Sounds like whites are *less* neighborly. Or really, that they elevate the *concept* of neighborliness over the reality of actually being close with one's neighbors. That does fit into the prim and proper stereotype of white society, I guess.

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    It could be that minorities are more likely than whites to live in apartment buildings and other high-density housing. That'll fuel more regular interaction with one's neighbors than will living in an area of single-family houses on large lots with fenced-in backyards.



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