Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NAMs don't bother to show up for a rally unless it's racist

As a follow-up to my post about NAMs not attending tea party rallies, reader Robert Hume suggested I look at GSS data to see if politically active people in general are mostly white. The above graph shows that whites have disproportionately attended political meetings or rallies sometime in the past. At the same time, the differences are not huge: more than 20% of NAMs have participated at some time. (I looked at the variable HISPANIC and found that their numbers are the same as "other" shown above).

Garafalo claims that whites go to rallies because they're racists, but the racist protests are NAM rallies. The Million Man March was a manifestation of black solidarity. The illegal immigration protests were Latino solidarity. NAMs don't bother to show up unless the event is racist.


  1. If Hispanics aren't racist, you wouldn't know it from the political pundits who claim opposing immigration loses Hispanic votes. Why would opposing immigration lose Hispanic votes? Aren't all these pundits and political luminaries telling us that Hispanics are so racist they'll sacrifice their own wages. If so, then why are they so intent on importing racism to the United States? To "cure" Hispanics of racism? If the "cure" worked then why are the Hispanics who can vote still so racist? Moreover, why is it so obvious that Hispanics won't infect us with racism rather than us curing their racism?

    This reminds me of the arguments from ZPG members -- oops sorry, they changed their name to PC (population connection) -- that immigration to high ecological footprint nations like the US is good because it will reduce the fertility of the immigrants.

  2. Thanks for the analysis. You've shown that attendance at *some* rally is fairly evenly spread.

    What I'd also like to see is if attendance at individual rallies is very non-diverse.

    That is: I'd expect that whites go to almost all-white rallies, and blacks go to almost all-black rallies, etc. I'd actually expect that the non-diversity at both types of rallies would be about the same; i.e. 95% white or 95% black.

    That might be checkable by seeing what percent go to rallies in predominantly (~70%) white or predominantly minority areas.

    For example Northern Virginia versus Atlanta or Los Angeles.

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    We need some non-racist PRO-WHITE organization that provides scholarships for "at-risk" whites and money for vocational education for "at-risk" white males in particular so those lower-scoring white guys can learn to do things like repair cars and electronics for a living and not be shlumped into the nowheresville of the modern labor market.

    It would take a few white multi-millionaires and billionaires to fund it, but if the Southern Poverty Law Center can raise a mountain of dough being explicitly anti-white, Im sure some -non-racist-pro-white organization can arise to give a hand-up to trailer park and housing project adolescent and young adult whites.

    The media and hollywood have been on a guilt-infliction campaign against whites for 30 years now, trying to make whites feel guilty for all the wrongs in the world and telling them all the bad situations on this planet are somehow their fault. The good ol' George Bush (or is it Jorge' Bush), Juan McCain, Karl Rove, Schmitt GOP would probably openly be against a white-group-boosterism-group that provided vocational and professional information explicitly for whites and educational materials on white history that they can be VERY proud of******, but I'd thow a couple of sawbucks a year at it personally. It could advertise on TV and Radio, and basically just make loud noise that liberal ears connected to liberal tear ducts would magically produce liberal tears.......................and that alone would be worth it to me.

    ********Can you imagine white "activists" on campus running up to their professors and telling them did you know whites invented vaccines, modern medicine, replacement parts, space travel, electricity, trains, cars, jets, planes-flight, submarines, metal cruise ships, satellites, computers, television, air conditioners, light bulbs, microwaves, kites, little stuffed animal toys that squeal delightfully when adoring children squeeze them and zoos......Did you KNOW that professor?

    yes, yes, I know Im mean, cruel, wicked, unfeeling, evil, uncaring, brusque, etc etc.



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