Monday, April 06, 2009

Hey, I just noticed something: Steve Sailer has argued that Obama was a black racialist when he wrote Dreams of My Father in 1995. Since at least 2004, he seems to be just a liberal, and Sailer wonders if Obama's loss to Bobby Rush in the Congressional race in 2001 might have changed his orientation. The idea is that Obama was not black enough to win in a black district, so he went for Plan B--becoming a white-friendly black politician.

Obama's older daughter, Malia, was born in 1998. Malia is Swahili for queen and sounds like a name that an Afrocentrist would give his first daughter. Move forward to June 2001 when his second daughter is born. That's like three months after Obama's defeat. He and Michelle name their second daughter Natasha. That name sounds very white or at least Russian, which brings political leftism to mind. Just a coincidence?


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    No accident. Obama is/was as much as a Black Nationalist as I am. He is a weathervane and a very good one.

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Agreed. A black nationalist would concentrate on immigration, the drug war (either stepping up enforcement for the drugs that hurt blacks the worst, or legalizing the drugs most blacks are involved in trading), and transferring power to black-controlled local government. He wouldn't obsessing about building bridges to Mexico.

  3. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Sasha is Russian, but it is not a diminutive for Natasha, but Aleksandra.


  4. Natasha (Natalya) Rostova is the main female character in "War and Peace."

  5. You will always look for a means to insert Obama in a particular frame. Another skunk will soon describe him as a communist and pro Russian because he named his daughter Sasha. What else are you gonna come up with?


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