Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John McCain is a dick, and I'm happy he lost. He sold out ordinary Americans by pandering to Hispanics, and now he tells them they're on their own since they screwed him in November. After three decades of opening the door to illegals, he had it coming.

Now, he gives a mile long list of prospective Republican leaders on Leno, and he leaves Palin off the list. Typical greasy player. Uses a woman, tosses her in the dumpster when he's done, and makes her look the fool. Man of honor, my ass. And I don't care that she knew what she was getting herself into. He's a skunk.


  1. You should have seen it coming when he started playing the diversity game with Democrats with her pick in the first place. The Republican leadership can't win that game, and the endless kow-towing to her qualifications by pundits who should have known better hurt us electorally with moderates.

    I'm with Half Sigma on this. Sailer's fertility-gap theory probably explains the extreme vitriol towards Palin, but it primarily showcased how in hock McCain and the party leadership are to modern feel-good publicity.

    It felt wrong to me from the outset because it seemed the exact sort of petty tribalism which flourishes amongst the Democrats that I can't stand.

  2. Why don't the Republicans have an elitist wing anymore? What happened?

  3. Oliver Twist6:19 PM

    This is not surprising at all. McCain is a power hungry man who talks a good game about military "honor" and "dignity" but has revealed that he thoroughly lacks any such virtues.

    He is able to do such appalling things because he has neither honor nor loyalty to any principles, cause, people save his own personal gain and power.

    He sees people as a means to satisfy his lust for power.

    Remember, he dumped his wife after she suffered a terrible car accident and replaced her with a wealthy young woman suitable to satiate his carnal and political desires.

  4. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I had high hopes for Mitt Romney at one time in that I do believe he has many skills, that he does understand economics, both in the far and near term. I even had hopes for Rudy, but his decison to stay out of Iowa was stupid.

    However, Romney cowtowed to the pc forces (and still is, and like I said, Rudy's decisions were none too bright.

    The only one who talks boldly, bluntly and can put things in an historic perspective is a guy who used to activate my gag reflex--Newt Gingrich.

    Gingrich's manner, however, is not what Americans look for in a President, and so his views, logical though they may be most of the time, rarely get a good hearing.

    I don't see a dem or a repub out there who can say what needs to be said yet whose manner is such that he or she can get enough votes to get elected.

    If Americans had a better knowledge of history, they'd not worry about acting like Europeans or wanting the Euros to love us.

    We're pathetic.

    Oh, and yes...McCain is an ass. I didn't like the choice of Sarah Palin, but he chose her. Seems as if he refuses to take responsibility for his own actions.

  5. Just cause McCain didn't mention Palin as one of the leaders of the party? Why is it his responsibility to do that? He apparently doesn't believe she's one of the true leaders of the party. And neither do I or many other conservatives. The amnesty bill sucks, but did we ever get a confirmation that Palin was pro-borders? I don't remember. Conservatives just have a blind spot for her. I happen to think she's not a true conservative, that she's nakedly ambitious, and she's more of a feminist than she lets on.

  6. Anonymous3:59 AM

    What do you mean by "ordinary Americans"? In your wording, you seperate them from Hispanics.
    This is why some readers in the past accuse you of hating Hispanics (I am NOT saying that's the case).
    Now, if you were referring to "illegals", then I understand what you were trying to say.

  7. Sgt. Joe Friday7:48 AM

    Anon. - I can't pretend to translate what Ron is saying, but let's face it, at least here in southern California, you cannot talk about "Hispanics" without including illegal aliens. Just from my own personal observations, I would wager that nearly every Hispanic here falls into one of 3 categories: (a) is related to an illegal alien, (b) knows someone who is an illegal alien, or (c) is an illegal alien themselves. Almost by definition then, an "ordinary American" is someone who does not meet any of those 3 criteria.

  8. Jeff: I'm not in favor of Palin being the leader of the party. That was not my point. My point is that MCCAIN picked her and brought her onto the national stage, and now he's dumping her. She went around for months saying what a saint he is and how much she loves him, and now he's pissed on her just as soon as he thinks enough time has passed so that people won't think he's a prick. (And thank you for the chance to call him a name again--prick, prick, prick).

  9. Anonymous9:22 AM

    1. I'd like to add my nod to what Joe Friday said. As a Californian born in 1948, I grew up with close friends whose parents or grandparents came from Mexico. They are Mexican-Americans the way others are Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, etc. They came and stayed. They wanted to be Americans.

    Today, the illegals move easily back and forth over that border, and they don't consider themselves Americans. I have had several kids in my 11th grade class say they'd never pledge to the American flag. They proudly argue that California is Mexican territory, that they themselves are Mexican.

    I had heard about this kind of thing, but frankly, I thought people were indulging in right-wing histrionics until I saw it all myself. It's about numbers. The greater the numbers, the bolder the requests. Spurred by activist organizations, the requests have turned into demands.

    I think that people in other parts of the country read about this kind of thing and don't believe it. With each year, it's gotten worse. In many San Joaquin Valley towns, there are many businesses in which English is truly the second language.

    Our schools are overwhelmed with kids who don't know English, and most importantly, who don't see a reason to learn English, which is one of the biggest differences between them and the generations of kids who came to this country from Europe. In the town in which I live, they come from one particular province in the Southern part of Mexico. Each December to January, they take advantage of low air fares and fly home to celebrate the Christmas season, a big problem as they miss over a month of school.

    My cousin, a second grade teacher in New Jersey, is having the same problem with the Mexican kids in her class. She's had meetings with their parents, trying to explain to them that the kids are missing crucial weeks of instruction in reading and math, yet their parents remove them for 4 or 5 weeks from school. Second grade... and the kids are already hopelessly behind in their education.

    2. I think Palin and her political views are what you might expect from someone from Alaska. While I don't feel she was ready to be either Veep or the President, I have to tell you that my trips to Alaska have left me quite impressed with the can-do spirit and independence of people who were born or raised in that state. These are people who don't wait for others to solve their problems; they don't like being beholden to others; they really remind me of the pioneers who risked the trek across a wild land over a century ago. I think that much of America doesn't understand that spirit at all because they see it so rarely exhibited in people who live in urban and suburban areas.

    My guess is that those in the rural "fly-over" states recognized that attitude in Sarah Palin and approved of it while the rest of America was frightened by the raw, unsophisticated power of her "can-do" attitude.

    I think what we saw on display was that those who think of themselves as feminists were shown up for what they are: feminists in name only. As for liberals--there is a strong element of "wussiness" in liberalism (I once was a lib) and nothing scares a wuss more than seeing someone who is the polar opposite--a person who believes in fending for himself/herself. This makes a wuss feel--well, even wussier!

  10. You should have seen it coming when he started playing the diversity game with Democrats with her pick in the first place. LOL, talk about missing the point. The point is that Democrats are NOT playing the diversity game. They're top two candidates really did just happen to be black and female, respectively. Republicans started believing their own idiotic rhetoric and thought, hey, we can run a woman, too. As if that really was the only qualification. They did the same thing with Steele.

    It'd be like if after Kennedy won, the Republicans started putting up random Catholics on the theory that his Catholicism was the most relevant trait.

    Palin is a frickin' moron. Not because she's a woman, or from Alaska, or because she's from a "white trash" kinda family. She's just a moron, personally. She can barely memorize talking points and is at a total loss when she goes off script. McCain's trying to do you all a favor.

    I'm sure his biggest regret is listening to the Bill Kristols of the world and picking her, over his preferred and vastly more qualified Joe Lieberman. It showed a serious lack of self-confidence and political courage to listen to Kristol (when has that man EVER been right?)

    It's sad but funny in a way to see brave military men like McCain and Powell sacrifice their integrity and give into their fears the way they have to do make it on the right. I guess you still have your True Believers like Ollie North though.

    Why don't the Republicans have an elitist wing anymore? What happened?The Republican voters started believing the anti-intellectual propaganda. Now you have to be a no-nothing idiot on par with Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber to achieve prominence with the base.

  11. Bill R11:28 AM

    To Jewish Athiest: I find it odd and sad that you call "trash" people who actually take care of themselves, who produce, who work. Funny, I think of "trash" as those sitting home collecting welfare, food stamps, ruining what used to be nice middle class neighborhoods as they get section 8vouchers. I had to sell my last house because of such people. Last I knew, the Palins had jobs.

    Tell you what. If my life were on the line, I'd take Sarah Palin over you or someone of your ilk any day to help me get out alive. You sound like one of the wusses anonymous mentioned.

    On another note, I just saw the Prez announcing he wants to simplify the tax code. Gee,think that his announcement is really about tax day or more about the tea parties?

  12. Sgt. Joe Friday11:32 AM

    JA - If McCain had gone ahead and picked Lieberman as his running mate, then he would have lost by a double digit margin. For most people, party affiliation is nothing but shorthand for the candidate's position on a variety of issues, and picking Lieberman would have been a signal to most Republicans that he was as unprincipled as many of us think he is. Demoralized, they would have stayed home.

    And let's not forget that a not-inconsiderable number of Democrats were still pissed at Lieberman for running and winning his senate seat as an independent in '06, so any expected cross-over votes were not going to materialize. The Obama bandwagon effect was too powerful within the Democratic party.

    By publicly dissing his former running mate, McCain demonstrated once again that he's a small, angry, petty jerk. Sure, Palin may not be the most erudite or glib politician around, but he picked her and not someone else to be his running mate, so I'm still puzzled over what exactly did she do to him to deserve an ungentlemanly cheap shot like that.

  13. "What do you mean by "ordinary Americans"? In your wording, you seperate them from Hispanics."

    Pandering means appealing to the baser instincts of people. Hispanics are vulnerable to tribalism, and people like McCain play on that in an attempt to win votes.

    You're acting like so many liberals these days who LOVE to find something to be offended about. Sneering: "He thinks Hispanics are not Americans!"

    You're at the wrong blog if you're looking for someone who respects that kind of sentiment.

  14. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Bill R,
    JA is slime. Don't respond to him. He has a history of mental illness that he simply can't get under control. He is a pussy and he knows it too.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Previous anonymous, I'm sure you could come up with a better criticism of JA than that. He's a "pussy"? Is this junior high?

  17. Silver7:26 AM

    You're acting like so many liberals these days who LOVE to find something to be offended about. Sneering: "He thinks Hispanics are not Americans!"Speaking as a foreigner, even when I was very liberal, when I knew nothing about politics except reflexive PC, I never considered hispanics (or asians or even blacks) as Americans. Now that I know a whole lot more, I still don't, except maybe some more caucasian ones like Eva Longoria, but I suspect you wouldn't have to try very hard to wring a "proud Latina" diatribe out of her.


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