Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's hard to believe two bordering countries could be so different: I promised to look at the World Values Survey to see in which ways Mexico is a distinctive country, and to compare its profile with that of the United States. Following the same method as I did with the U.S., I list below those questions where Mexicans ranked in the top 3 or bottom three among samples of countries. More than 300 questions were asked:

Top 3

Believes life has no meaning
Would take political action by occupying a building or factory
Proud of country's scientific achievements
Country is run by a few big interests

Bottom 3

Currently married
Partner shares moral, social, political attitudes
Trusts TV newscasters
Trusts government
Claiming govenment benefits one is not entitled to is never justified
Avoiding fare on public transportation is never justified
Cheating on taxes is never justified
Buying stolen goods is never justified
Taking someone's car for a joyride is never justified
Using marijuana or hashish is never justified
Keeping money you found is never justified
Accepting a bribe is never justified
Failing to report hitting someone's car is never justified
Threatening workers who will not join a strike is never justified
Assassinations are never justified
Throwing litter in public is never justified
Drinking and driving is never justified

Okay, let's create a profile from this.

Profile of Mexico according to the World Values Survey

Willing to take violent political action (e.g, occupying buildings, assassinations)
Believes country is run by a few big interests
Weak on marriage
Distrusts government
Embraces corrupt, dishonest, reckless, and criminal behavior
Accepts littering

I don't know about you, but I'm not impressed. According to the World Values Survey, the United States and Mexico do not share a single distinctive value. In fact, they are polar opposites in at least two respects: Americans trust government, and husbands and wives are very similar to each other.

As Mexican immigrants continue to pour into the country, there is every reason to believe that America is going to become more corrupt, more antisocial, dirtier, more nihilistic, more politically extreme, and contrary to what the rosy Republicans tell us, Americans will have weaker, not stronger families.


  1. So George Bush, with all his talk about the wonderful "family values" illegal Mexican immigrants bring with them, is either the stupidest president our republic has ever had, or the most corrupt.

  2. I found two items weird. First, what about "proud of scientific achievment" given that we're talking about, uhm, Mexico? Does it have any?

    Second, the "life has no meaning." I've yet to meet a Mexican who doesn't end every other sentence with "primeramente Dios" or who crosses themself when passing a church, whether or not they actually attend. Mexicans seem to all have this idea that it's all in God's hands in the end. This seems the opposite of "life has no meaning."

  3. kingm: From prior analyses, it is clear that belief about achievement and actual achievement are weakly (or even inversely) correlated. And even though Mexicans were in the top 3 in nihilism, it was still only 15-20% who felt that life has no meaning.


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