Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A word on ethnocentrism: With all of the fuss over the comments of Sotomayor and leading Republicans, along with the exchange over at Taki's concerning white nationalism, I cannot resist a comment. Long-term, I think America will adopt one of two systems: a stable one with minimal ethnocentrism for everyone, or an unstable one where group loyalty is the rule, even for whites. White ethnocentrism is currently on the fringes, but it was taken for granted for most of American history (as were many ethnicities within the white race), and trust me, it will easily return as soon as whites feel surrounded.

As Jared Taylor writes, there is nothing inherently immoral with having affection for one's ethnic group. It's irrational, but natural. If America were 100% white today, I would probably be in favor of keeping it that way. (The United States can at least claim naivete; Europe's turn to multiculturalism makes me question Lynn's claim that whites have an above average IQ). But one-third of the country is non-white, and those folks own this soil as much as I do.

To make America work better, all citizens need to give up the luxury of ethnocentrism. Rush and Newt have caught a lot of heat for calling Sotomayor on her racialism, but this is exactly what responsible citizens need to do. Whites and everyone else treat non-whites like children by indulging their ethnocentrism. Message to minorities: You are equal to me, so the rules that apply to me apply to you. If I act illegitimately when I root for my race, then so do you.

Nobody calls non-whites on this, and it's high time we did. I've felt plenty of distance from the Republican Party for several years, but the comments from prominent conservatives like Gingrich and Limbaugh, and the more diplomatic words from leaders like Graham make me respect the party a little more. They are acting like grown-ups, while liberals are fighting to keep us on a road of non-white racialism and eventual white racialism and social instability.


  1. "The United States can at least claim naivete; Europe's turn to multiculturalism makes me question Lynn's claim that whites have an above average IQ"

    Mencius Moldbug's 5 castes view of the US seems to explain the phenomenon with pure selfishness. Presumably it has relatively high explanatory power in Europe as well (suitably modified).

  2. darren5:25 PM

    Mencius Moldbug is an entertaining writer who makes pretty good individual points here and there.

    But his attempts to fit everything into his overarching, abstract, logical constructions have failed. It's very seductive, like Marxism or Freudian theory, and it seemingly explains so much, but like those two ideologies it's not falsifiable and doesn't work.

    He's been called out for ignoring facts that contradict his theories. For example:

  3. Sgt. Joe Friday7:34 PM

    I hate to harp on what Sotomayor said, but here goes.

    I don't know that she's a racist as commonly understood, but she sure as hell seems to have an oversized chip on her shoulder about her gender and ethnicity. Her remarks in 2001 were a prepared speech, not an off-the-cuff observation or a throwaway line. She has no proof that there is anything in Puerto Rican culture or genetics that gives her an innate advantage over a caucasian male when it comes to interpeting constitutional law or rendering legal opinions. But she went ahead and said so anyway, using language that some might consider inflammatory. I didn't know that an inability to censor oneself was a qualification for the high court. Maybe a clever GOP senator (are there any?), rather than asking Ms. Sotomayor if she's a racist, would ask her where she got her information that Hispanic women have an innately superior understanding of law compared to English speaking men of European ancestry.

    I am not an alarmist, but I don't like where I see things headed. At some point, the whole government-diversity complex is going to have so many protected classes under its umbrella, that anti-white discrimination will be de facto government policy. Roissy put it very well when he said "diversity + proximity = war." I don't disagree; look at what became of Yugoslavia.

  4. Fiotheth8:27 PM

    Yeah I don't like this post because it is time for Whites to become Racialists and join the rein-deer games of Identity Politics and thus bring about the Balkanization and eventual Collapse of the United States.

    The US sucks anyways:

    American 'Civilization' by Baron Evola

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Wanna try for a Million Man-Woman March on Obama's Washington? Only non-blacks and non-Hispanics need sign up for the busses.

    Oh, speaking of busses and marches, what struck me when the Hispanics, La Raza and their allies marched over a year ago against immigration reform (ie border control) why didn't anyone tell them that they should be marching on Vincente Fox's capital city in Mexico? They complained that circumstances in Mexico lead the poor here, where some work, some collect welfare, and all use medical services...then why didn't anyone in the media suggest, "Then why not organize to take a million to Mexico City?

  6. RG writes: But one-third of the country is non-white, and those folks own this soil as much as I do.

    Wrong. Immigration pays for itself only in terms of increased carrying capacity for the descendants. By this accounting system, its clear who owns the soil and who the free-riders are.

  7. Ethnocentrism is irrational. Yet, the elites consistently try to convince NAMs that it's acceptable for them because it's supposedly only an outgrowth of exclusion from mainstream society. They convince blacks that only amongst other blacks can they feel comfortable, that a community comprised of whites (and Asians) will never accept them.

    With this widescale indoctrination, it's actually not surprising that so many NAMs resent whites (see Michelle Obama).

  8. Fiotheth2:29 AM

    Sadly Taylor messed up when he utilized the word 'irrational.

    Taylor should have utilized the works of Frank Salter and his theory of Ethnic Genetic Interest to defend Ethno-centrism and thus build a fort from which to launch into full blown Racialism!!!!!

  9. I find Charles Murray more interesting than Jared Taylor. Not because I think Murray has it together any better than Taylor. Neither are able to use negative numbers when auditing "accomplishments" within Western Civilization. But at least Murray traded his intellectual integrity for a seat at the table.

  10. Anonymous7:23 PM

    What the Inductivist missed during HBD 101:

    Bigotry actually makes perfect sense. A co-ethnics qualify as first cousins in comparison with a non-co-ethnic. Genes are what drive our behavior, not "reason." Its not "reasonable" to slack off in school but for someone with a low future time orientation and low IQ, being an A scholar is beyond their biology.

    "Ethnocentrism" is probably instinctive and therefore social engineering is limited. People cannot simply will away feelings of close ties to their nationality no more than a homosexual can will away his urges. Calling people "irrational" for preferring their own kin is just another attempt to alter human behavior, just like trying to bridge the gaps between the races, and will eventually lead to disappointment and even more PC.

    Philipe Rushton agrees

  11. Anonymous9:44 PM

    And more specific to your post; a community of Chinese, Anglo, Indian, Mexican, Black, "Americans" is simply less cohesive then a homogenous one, similar to a low IQ society having less stability in comparison with a high IQ one. The only way this chasm in the US will disappear is when we are all thoroughly mixed and diversity is gone. Some Republicans may understand this but the Obama and Sotomayer crowd are gaining speed and conservatism is simply less appealing to welfare dependent people and non-whites in general. Look at our latest conservatives- Sarah Palin, a woman, and Bobby Jindal, an Indian, both here to appeal to not-white-males.

    Our whole mantra for the last half century is a farce. An intentional lie. I feel cheated. In case you haven't noticed; the rest of the world certainly has not embraced diversity, only our race has. Japan will still be Japanese, Haiti Haitian, etc. etc. You claim to want fairness, but how fair is that?

  12. Anonymous7:22 AM

    "The only way this chasm in the US will disappear is when we are all thoroughly mixed and diversity is gone."

    Or when the US breaks up along racial lines.

  13. Anonymous9:26 AM

    "The only way this chasm in the US will disappear is when we are all thoroughly mixed and diversity is gone."

    OK, Will Saletan.


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