Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sailer at Taki's: In case you haven't heard, Steve Sailer--fearless explorer of uncharted racial waters--the Vasco da Gama of HBD--the... okay, enough effervescence--will be doing a Wednesday column over at Taki's. His first piece draws connections between the humor of Lewis Carroll and Larry David, of all people.

Let me add that, along with obsessing over arbitrary social norms, David, in Curb Your Enthusiasm, creates funny situations by innocently shocking the sensibilities of proper people by doing things like taking a black prostitute to a Dodgers game, where he runs into two priggish WASPs who are deciding whether or not to let Larry into the country club. Or when he is discussing with a Catholic barber who is cutting his hair a mutual friend who just miscarried, and Larry says, "Oh well, she's already got nine kids, anyway," followed by the barber thrashing him with a towel.


  1. Somewhat OT, Ron, I've spotted some problems with the GSS data. Go look at my latest post -- bottom line it's too small samples to be truly random, when it comes to White Men. Particularly at some age groups. Please give me a sanity check, offer any critique you like.
    I am VERY hesitant to play with the GSS Web Data tool. Without seeing the data directly, I think you make too many errors. My advice is download it as a CSV and import into MySQL. You can also this way once you've created queries, dump the output into CSV files, load into OpenOffice/Excel, and plot away. You can also use R, too, which has better graphs but is more difficult to use.

    If you are a Windows guy, look at this this guy for gazillion R tutorials, add-ons, nifty trend line stuff, and so on.

  2. There's such a large range of possible birth years it makes sense that the samples for individual years are small. If instead it was broken down by exact date of birth every non-empty bucket would be expected to have just 1 person. If you're concerned with year-to-year differences it might be a problem, but for a trend over a series of years I think you're okay.

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Weeks late, but why would a Catholic be upset by another Catholic with 9 kids having a miscarriage?


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