Thursday, June 25, 2009

Killing the smart babies: Here are four sources that were listed by me and a reader named John over at Secular Right that suggest that abortion is dysgenic:

1. A study found that after an unwanted pregnancy has occurred, higher IQ couples are more likely to obtain abortions [Cohen, Joel (1971). "Legal abortions, socioeconomic status and measured intelligence in the United States". Social Biology 18(1): 55-63].

2. Umarried teenage girls who become pregnant are found to be more likely to carry their babies to term if they are doing poorly in school.[Olson, Lucy (1980). "Social and psychological correlates of pregnancy resolution among adolescent women: a review" American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 50(3): 432-445]

3. “The most striking differences were that women who had an abortion were much more likely than others to have been rated good students at age 9-11 and to have well-educated mothers (odds ratios, 2.0 and 1.7, respectively).” (Early predictors of nonmarital first pregnancy and abortion. By: Udry JR, Kovenock J, Morris NM, Family Planning) Perspectives, 0014-7354, 1996 May-Jun, Vol. 28, Issue 3)


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  1. I'm starting to wonder why the specified being a good student at ages 9-11. Did the women who got abortions have a large drop in grades in adolescence?


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