Monday, June 15, 2009

Radio Derb: Reading Audacious' post reminded me that I needed to check out John Derbyshire's "Radio Derb." It's a weekly program offering commentary on the latest political and cultural news. I just finished the latest, and folks--I laughed my ass off. Those English bastards are funnier than hell. I'm English too, but I figure my Puritan heritage combined with my Danish grandmother killed off any sense of humor I might have had.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. According to the Gates of Vienna, Danes are very funny. Here is a joke from the website:

It seems that little Ahmed had been studying very hard in his elementary school Danish language class, and when he took the exam, he got a perfect score.

The teacher made a big fuss over Ahmed when she presented him with his certificate.

“Congratulations, Ahmed!” she said. “You are now a Dane!”

Ahmed was so excited and happy and proud that he ran all the way home. Bursting into the house, he cried to his father, “Papa! Papa! Look: I got an A! Now I am a Dane!”

His father became very angry and slapped him across the face. “You filthy little boy! You have shamed our entire family!”

Ahmed burst into tears. “I don’t understand,” he wailed; “I was so proud! I will have to show my certificate to Mama.”

He found his mother in the kitchen. “Mama! Mama! Today I am a Dane!” His mother scowled at him and slapped his face. “You should be ashamed of yourself! You have brought dishonor to your whole family!”

Ahmed cried even harder. “This is awful! Why is this happening to me? I have only been a Dane for twenty minutes, and already I have been attacked by two immigrants!”


  1. Yeah, Danes are funny-it's the Swedes who are the deadly earnest and dull Scandinavians. Also note than no group as un-PC as the Danish People's Party would be allowed to get very far in Sweden.

  2. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I've heard a similar joke about blacks, so the Danes may just be plagiarists. The joke:

    Little Jamal covers his face in flour and says "Look, mommy! I'm white!"

    She slaps Jamal and he bursts into tears and runs to his father.

    "Look daddy, I'm white!" his father slaps him twice, and he runs off to his grandmother.

    "Look grandma, I'm white!" Being a bit more traditional, she pulls his pants down and spanks him three times.

    Chastened, he trudges back to his mother. "Have you learned anything, Jamal?"

    "Yeah. I've only been white for five minutes -- AND I HATE NIGGERS ALREADY!"

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  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Actually I think the Russians created the original joke:

    The little jewish kid in Russia return to home in Moscow from school.
    He rushes to his father, and asks him:
    - Papa, papa, today at school teacher was talking about nations and I told her I was ethnic russian(ruskiy bleat`).
    - What? You told her you are russian? No more monies for you every week. Live like your beloved russians live.
    Kid to his mother:
    - Mama, mama, today at school teacher was talking about nations and I told her I was ethnic russian.
    - What? No more chicken for you every day. Eat potatoes like your russians do.
    Kid goes to his grandmother.
    - Babooshka, babooshka, today at school teacher was talking about nations and I told her I was ethnic russian.
    - What? No more gifts for you! Live like russians do!

    - Fuck you all! I am russian for only 2 hours but god, how I hate you all, fucking kikes!

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