Monday, June 01, 2009

Ethnicity and confidence in the scientific community: Americans (GSS respondents) were asked how much confidence they have in the scientific community. The following are the percentages who answered "a great deal":

Percent saying they have a great deal of confidence in the scientific community

Asian Indian 62.5
Chinese 61.9
Romanian 60.5
Arabic 59.3
Jewish 55.6
Greek 53.3
Danish 52.9
Filipino 50.9
English/Welsh 50.5
Hungarian 50.0
Norwegian 49.8
Scotland 49.8
Russian 49.4
French 47.8
Italian 47.7
Polish 47.3
Irish 47.2
Japanese 45.9
Swedish 45.3

All Americans 44.1

German 43.5
Finnish 43.1
Mexican 40.0
Amerindian 35.6
Puerto Rican 35.2
Black 28.9
West Indian 25.0

The numbers vary quite a bit. Compared to West Indians, East Indians are 2 1/2 times as likely to have a lot of confidence in scientists. Asians in general are much more positive than NAMs. Look at the high estimate for Arab Americans. It looks like there is a direct correlation between education, IQ, and confidence.

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