Friday, April 21, 2006

The Mexican work ethic ain't so hot: If I hear one more time how you have to hire Mexicans if you want to get anything done in America, I'm going to curse, and I'll have to do it in Spanish so my neighbors understand me. Looking at my favorite little survey, 5.1% of working-age Americans of English descent are not working. From what the elites tell us, if only 5% of those fat, lazy WASPs aren't working, there must not be a single loafing Mexican north of the Rio Grande. Wrong amigo: try 7.1%.

And how about total hours? Sure, maybe a lot of Anglos work, but they're working banker's hours, right, while Mexicans build those houses (that nobody wants to build) from dawn until dusk. Zero for two: Mexicans average 41.5 hours a week while WASPs work 42.9 hours.


  1. The unspoken clause in all those "Mexicans sure work hard" statements is "compared to blacks."

  2. Do you have hours worked for blacks and asians?

    It's not just comparing to blacks, it is also the feel-good hard-working-immigrant-that-buillt-america mythologi. Not to mention leftwing poor working class mythologi (in real life I am sure the upper middle class works much more than working class)


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