Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is it men that read the news? This blog intends to document all the sex differences that aren't supposed to exist. I was on a date with a girl and told her that one glance at a magazine rack shows we're different. All women ever read about is home, health, fashion, and tips to please their men. The guys seem to care about cars, guns, sports, porn, and the smarter ones, politics. I told her men like toys and have more of a macro-perspective. It's a big wide world of adventure and struggle. A women's world is all the relationships in her little village. Needless to say, my educated date did not care for my little pet idea.

Let's focus on just one important activity: reading the newspaper. Does one sex read more than the other? Here are the stats:

Men% Women%
Every day 55 49
Few times a week 21 22
Once a week 11 14
Less than once a week 8 10
Never 6 6

Okay, so there is not much going on here. Still, you know the guys are reading the sports section while women (and Wilmas) are reading style.

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