Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Men are most sexually satisfied in Manistan: An article in the USA Today reports an international study showing that people are most satisfied with their sex lives in countries with the greatest equality. We are given little explanation, however, and are left to believe that equality is mysterious magic that fixes everything in life, even sex. I imagine what is happening in egalitarian countries is that men actually make an effort to please a woman (making her happier), and women are encouraged to be sexual (making him happier). But they're selling you a line of bull if they mean that men's wildest fantasies are finally realized in this age of unselfish sex. The survey missed the most instructive country: the nation of Manistan. Manistan ranks number one in male satisfaction. All the women there want to have sex with you all the time, they insist that you do with them whatever you want, they insist that you only think of your own desires during sex, and they don't expect you to call them the next day.

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