Saturday, April 15, 2006

Employers who hire illegals are like drug dealers: When debating illegal immigration, folks on both sides of the political aisle focus on the immigrants. Conservatives argue that aliens are lawbreakers. Moderates and liberals contend that undocumented workers are just that--workers who are vital to the economy. Radicals claim that Mexican immigrants coming to western states are not really immigrants because those states rightly belong to Mexico. They just moved, and the only difference is that instead of driving the U-Haul, they rode in back.

So, everyone argues about the whether the immigrants are a good or bad thing, but all this talk is about the little fish. All to often the big fish get off the hook. This is a big mistake since, in this immigration drama, the employer is the drug dealer and the illegal is only a junkie. The drug dealer gets fat while the neighborhood goes to hell. The politicians are the cops who close their eyes to the transaction in exchange for a dirty money payoff. And the ACLU who sues the employer for investigating the legal status of his workers is the fellow gangbanger who threatens you if you are even thinking about leaving the gang and going straight. Now, none of us likes a junkie, but he is just the little guy. American save their rage for the guy peddling the dope. He is the one who needs to serve some serious time.

Yes, illegal immigration is a serous problem, but so is illegal hiring. We need to shine the light on this issue.

For one thing, focusing on the employers can help us around one major difficulty. In a debate between Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter, O’Reilly asked if it was possible to invade the neighborhoods of illegals with paddy wagons, round up 11 million people, and dump them at the border. She insisted that the issue is about what it right, not what is realistic. But any reasonable person will agree that it’s always about what is realistic. And the only realistic way to send 11 million people packing is to dry up the damn jobs. Dry up the jobs, and illegals will deport themselves. The solution here is simple: we need legislation to go after the real felons--the employers.


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  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    David Frum describes an idea for eliminating tax deductions for employing illegal aliens:


  3. Img, thanks for the link--I'll take a look.

  4. They will self deport when their jobs are gone. Many will try to tough it out but many more will up and leave. No job means no remittances to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and so on which is half the reason they are here. Some remittances support family but many are savings so he (illegal alien) can live like a king someday in the "old country"

    But we should be just as harsh on many of our hack politicians and governments that declare sanctuary cities, prohibit local police from inquiring as to immigration status, allow illegals to get government sponsored low interest mortgages and welfare, housing, medical. One state is insuring everyone under 18 regardless if he is an illegal alien.

    At least a business that hires illegals contributes to our economy. What good are these hack politicians who pass illegal alien friendly laws?

  5. Anonymous9:21 PM

    When I worked as a restaurant commissary manager, 1/2 of employees were illegals. But I couldn't tell you which half. I dutifully demanded and received IDs and filled out I-9s on EVERYONE. We don't need superduper IDsfor legal immigrants. We need superduper IDs for ouselves! The SS card in my wallet is a document that a child could forge. It should be a plastic card with a picture, a mag strip, a pin number, and a connection to a live database. The I-9 ought to have a space for fingerprints to be taken BEFORE checking the INSTANT database. If the card fails, the empoyer files the fingerprint with the perjerous federal document and the phony card and advises the applicant that he can't be hired but that he can be prosecuted, and gives him a receipt for the card, so that the applicant has proof of the transaction in case the government or employer somehow screwed up the process.
    I wouldn't make the employer a policeman, but current law makes every law-abiding employer a patsy.
    I was advised by MY boss that in hiring, everything which was not mandatory was prohibited.
    Current penalties are severe for employers who ignore the I-9 process. But there is ZERO use in the process for immigration. The govt. files data in case they want an immigaration hammer to use on someone that they want to nail for other reasons years later--such as terrorist cohorts who can't be prosecuted for what they are known to be planning but haven't done yet, but can be prosecuted or just deported for immigration fraud.
    We need an active ID system, and we citizens need to use it ourselves, or they will forge ours.

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